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In Topic: My First Homemade

25 January 2007 - 10:06 PM

Crow, I'm going to assume that your set-up is designed to create multiple shot capability. Your problems stem from the inherent flaw in diafragm valves like the sprinkler valve: They need to reseal themselves.

To solve your problem you do not have to change a single thing for it to work properly, you only need to change your firing sequence. Let me demonstrate in steps to make it simple to follow.

*edit* I checked my valve to make sure, and yours is definately on backwards, follow the arrows man.

Piney mentioned this but i'll second what he's saying. Lose the e-tape and get some solvent cement and primer. it is the only way to fuse the 2 halves in a way which makes 1 piece. Solvent cementing holds better than anything from superglue to epoxy and no substitutes should never be used when pressurizing PVC pipe. I know it may sound silly to only use one product, but in this case using an alternative may hurt you, or kill you or someone else. Shrapnel is shrapnel and when building a homemade you need to recognise that because Nerf guns are built as toys, and therefore the pressures and tolerances in modding are nowhere near as dangerous as when building homemades. Just be careful and do your research, there is never a rush more important than your life.

Step 1: Before firing, make sure you pressurize your large air tank, with the ball valve closed.

Step 2: Open the ball valve. This will either reseal the sprinkler valve and fill your junction (small tank) or only fill the small tank if the sprinkler valve is already resealed.

Step 3: Close the ball valve

Step 4: Load your dart

Step 5: Switch on the sprinkler valve with the small black handle. Turn it off immediately after firing so you dont forget to and lose all the air in your large tank.

Step 6: Load another dart

Step 7: Open the ball valve, which will reseal the piston as well you won't waste any air because it will be used firing the next dart.

From steps 1-7 you will be able to get off 2 darts and is about as simple as remembering to open and close the valves in the right order.

I hope this helps.


In Topic: Next-gen Systems

16 November 2006 - 11:49 AM

I don't play video games, however I liked this a great deal.

PS3 Vs. Wii

In Topic: Brass Cutting Problem

30 September 2006 - 08:48 AM

I have encountered this problem working with copper and Alum. tubing and find it effective to use a cone shaped grinding stone attached to my dremel to flatten out any unsightly edges. It would probably be much easier to do this with brass compared to alum, and copper.



In Topic: Jac Pac Portable C02

25 September 2006 - 09:15 AM

I think there has been some confusion as to my current designing process for my Reaper Mk.3.

I intend to build a rifle that will pump actuate a brass breech/magazine. I however was refering to the air system which I would like to impliment. I want to use a 3 way valve and a chamber of Sch40 which in the configuration The gas would enter through the 3 way valve into the chamber, upon energizing the valve, it would exhaust the chamber into the barrel. I may use the regulator I have from my reaper mk.2. I do not want full auto or even semi-auto. I build things to be funtional and rugged and semi or full auto will be unreliable at best.

I hope this clarifies my intent, however this thread was simply to show a new product that replaces the need to rely on paintball regulators/fitting etc.


In Topic: Jac Pac Portable C02

24 September 2006 - 03:18 PM

I would hook it up to my reaper, however I'm keeping with the evolution of my obsessive attitude towards an ultimate nerfgun. Following the lines of Ompa and Boltsniper I'm going to be building a shell-less rifle which will utilize a direct-acting solenoid valve to control a regulated amount of C02 into a SCH40 Chamber.

I'll make a topic about the gun when I actually get the time to sit down and design it and start building. I just thought I'd bring this innovation to everyones attention because most everyone wants to build a C02 powered gun at one time or another.