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Crossfire Mod

25 March 2006 - 05:25 PM

ok well as everyone knows is was suspended for being under age and i am sorry

3.electrical tape
4.hot glue gun and glue sticks
5.about 6-inches of half inch cpvc
6.a better longer and wider spring

i got this from a scout mod on nerfhq and someone had suggestid it.
first thing you do is open up the gun. then you take the exsiting barrel and do what ever you want with it except take the o-ring of before you do what ever you want with the barrel.

cut a piece of electirical tape about a foot long and cut two strips that are each about 1/4 of the tape.

take 6 inches of cpvc (i think) and on the end wrap 1 of the 12 inche pieces of electrical tape and wrap it around the cpvc about a quater of an inch from the end.

then take the o-ring and put it on the cpvc and slide it to the end with the electrical tapeon it .then wrap the other piece of tape on the other side of the o-ring leaving enough space that it does not touch both pieces of elecctrical tape at the same time.

Add some lubricant and slide it into the plunger making sure that their is a good seal between the o-ring and the plunger.

This is the hard part unless you have 2 people. hot glue the cpvc to the gun at where the barrel emerges from the casing and close it back together

Sorry i dont have any pictures but i am in maui right now for spring break

i dident have any type of tape mesurere but my shoe is 12 inchs so i just used my feeet and the ranges were with dart tag darts about 60 feet and with stefans the got up to 87!!!!!!!!

now before anyone critisies me and says its impossible to get 87 feet with a crossfire i had a spring that was 1/3 longer and 1/2 size wider.

i will be able to get pictures up maybe in 1/2 weeks
this is my crossfire mod enjoy


Defender T3 Problems

21 August 2005 - 12:42 PM

yesterday I went over to one of my dads parteners in work houses. Over there they had many nerf guns they gave to me :lol:. but I have been modding one of the defender T3. I put longer barrels on the pistol and the arrow luancher. sence I put the longer barrels on the pistol I have to open up the arrow shooter. but now when I try and cock the arrow luancher the catch meacnisme does not work .
Here are some pictures.




Is there suposed to be to be another sping in the arrow shooter besides the main one?


Firefly Out Online

22 July 2005 - 07:04 AM

Ok I was just looking around and happend to go the Hasbro offical site and I looked at the nerf Guns there. There it was the Firefly. I am not lying.


This is where it its.


Edit- I dont think you can buy right now.

Any One Live In Northern Mi.?

16 July 2005 - 09:07 PM

I just want to know if there is any nerfers in Northen MI? To be specific near Sleeping Bear Dunes, Gaylord, Petoskey(Sp?). If you live near this area just tell me that you do. You do not have to tell me were you live specifically.

Note that I am sorry if it sounds like an order.


Crossbow Barrel

24 June 2005 - 01:23 PM

Ok i had just done Rawray7 Xbow mod. i am trying to make a shorter barrel but with the same concept of Rawray7 xbow barrel. But i cant get the 9/16 brass to fit into the 1/2 sch. 80.
Any help would be nice.