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Water vs. Dryer? dart saving methods

30 January 2020 - 07:20 PM

We have these aluminum trash cans just filled with darts (standard Nerf brand darts, hopefully I dont cause any eye twitches but we mixed all types. Elite, accustrike, zombie, etc. etc. Trying to get owner to look at off brand or to use just a single type in future). Not only do some of the darts get squished from hanging out too long at the bottom of can, staying loaded in mags too long, or just getting stepped on and whatnot.
I've heard two common methods to 'fluff' em back out:
1. Dip em for a few seconds into boiling water
2. Toss em in a pillowcase into a dryer on low (or a paper bag then use hair dryer)

Hoping hear your experiences and suggestions since I'm about to do a big
ol round up and give it a try. Is melting an issue? How long would you recommend?

Bonus round: I've heard arguments both for and against using plastic straws inside darts. Some say it helps keep shape and protects the darts from wear (all I can think of is 'hey, a reverse condom for darts') and others say it messes things up, doesnt fire right, and "messes up weight/balance". Gonna test it out a bit myself but figured I'd see if anyone else already gave it a go? I mean, I dig the general idea, but is it practical? Would 3D printing a thin sleeve do any good (although I can already see that getting expensive and getting shattered)? Or is it best to use a method above and/or just buy more? Any other dart life-expanding ideas? I kindof wanna spray a few with truck bed liner just to see what happens...

P.s - my bad if this has been covered, I didnt see it but my search-fu sucks and I may have missed it.

N00b Status: Confirmed (some quick questions)

30 January 2020 - 02:29 PM

Hey Everyone, I'm so glad I found y'all.
Until recently my Nerf knowledge was limited to the average childhood experiences, but recently a friend of mine opened a Nerf Battle Arena with myself as the general manager. I'm a bit of an overachiever so naturally not content with being like the other places I've visited where the staff knowledge ends with what is printed on the boxes that the blasters come in. Not only do I hope to become the local Nerf Expert, I want my staff to be knowledgeable on all things Nerf as well. So, first thank you for existing.
Couple of quick questions so I dont irritate or otherwise alienate the communityhere:
1. I dont wanna be jerk so I want to ask about referencing/advertising my company, if that's a no-no I totally get it and I'll refrain from any of that. I'm here for knowledge and expertise not to promote my own stuff.
2. I was trying to PM a moderator so I didnt need to make this silly post but I figure its prob one of 3 things: I'm blind and cant find the right button/tool (or just unfamiliar with this forum's layout/features), they're disabled for the forum, or it's a newbie restriction thing. Whatever it is, I'd appreciate clarification 😊
3. Before I start posting questions or asking for suggestions, I did see the "dont ask which is best" rule, but what about more specific experience related posts? Such as "what are your experiences and thoughts regarding Zombie Strike blasters?" "What Rival blasters did you like most/least?" And as far as mod questions go, I'm more likely to search based on a problem and look for mods that fix that problem. If I cannot find an answer is "What mod do you suggest for *specific blaster* to help combat *specific problem*" an acceptable question to ask?

Also open any other suggestions or info that yall may think necessary to tell me, I wont take offense... i think lol