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Just found a Red Longshot tucked away in our shed

28 July 2019 - 01:12 PM

Hello! I'm new to the forum, and not much of a hardcore Nerf player. I've been a casual fan for a while, a couple light mods and paint jobs here and there, but I just wanted to throw up a post here to share my find and get the opinions/impressions of all the awesome people here!


As the title suggests, I found a Red Longshot in a trash bin stuffed with tons of Nerf blasters tucked in the corner of our shed while we were cleaning it out to move. It has the base blaster, front attachment/extra blaster, scope, bi-pod, just about everything but the box, which I assume rotted away to dust years ago. It looks in pretty good condition after cleaning it up, save for a few major scuffs/scratches from being cooped up with other blasters. From my understanding, these were only produced for Walmart for Black Friday sales some time ago? I don't know how much of collecting scene there is for Nerf, or whether or not the Longshot is even considered a good gun anymore, but I doubt I'll be looking to get rid of it.


I just thought it was a neat find, wanted to show your guys and get to know whether it not it's something interesting/special enough to keep up on display :P