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In Topic: Doubled Recon With Twin Drums

15 March 2010 - 11:33 AM

My plan was to find screws just the right size and long enough to go completely through the first recon and fit snugly into the holes in the second, but I couldn't find anything that worked, so the left Recon is now unopenable. The right one still opens normaly. There is no way I know to make a Recon slam fire. As for the priming mechanism on the Raider, there are two protruding screws coming out of the plate with a star on it. You pull back the slide using them (as mentioned earlier, the slide window must be made wider to allow it to reach the back where it cocks. It's not that uncomfortable to prime. Slam Fire does not work on the pistol version of the Raider, but without a drum, it's usless anyway. I'll take some more pics this evening to show what was done to them, and I have the second raider I'm going to pistol convert for a write-up.

In Topic: Dyne V6 Photos!

28 January 2010 - 01:58 AM

Looks great, but how does it work? I can make out a pump and what I think is the barrel, but no discernable trigger. Does it fire by turning a valve?

In Topic: No Firefly Help

25 March 2008 - 11:04 PM

After the standard AR removal, if you have something like a snorkel lying around, remove the crappy air seal behind the turret and replace it with a section of snorkel. Make sure to hot glue the snorkel bit onto the plunger air tight. Also, a spring stretch and/or replacement helps. I did the afformentioned to my Firefly, and it shoots much farther than stock. I love this gun, and think some people just dismissed it as junk way too early. The comfort and ergonomic design is amazing.

In Topic: Nerf Eliminator And Hyperfire

19 February 2008 - 09:46 PM

From looking at it and figuring how you would get the chain started in the Vulcan, it seems you would pull the "charging handle" back to insert the new chain into the gun, then push it forward to lock it in place. As for where the batteries would go, take notice just how wide the center part of the gun is. My bet is that the tripod connector covers the battery bay. For anyone who doesn't care to count the darts in the chain link, each chain holds 25. I'm wondering if that gray switch behind the ammo box is to turn the gun on or to release the top hatch to load another belt? The firing method will be interesting to see when it finally arrives. Another interesting thing that I noticed was that it looked like a young adult on the outside of the Vulcan box holding the gun instead of a middle-school aged kid. Seems with the announced "office tag" line, they are trying to bring in an older crowd than they normally do.
As for the Wii/nerf hybrid gun, I'm hoping it feels more comfortable than the Wii blasters they have out now. My only concern is that the handle looks really small in the pictures with the guy holding it. I\d also like to know if it comes packaged with a game (not to mention if the game is any good), or separate.
The superhero tie-in guns don't interest me too much, but I did notice the Hulk Titan/Hornet combo still has the slot for the scout pistol, but it is not present.

In Topic: Paintball

09 January 2008 - 10:15 AM

I play paintball regularly, and have got to the point where I just wear a t-shirt and jeans on the field. Getting hit WILL HURT, but only for a second. It's like a bee sting. Stings like a @$%# for a moment, then its just numb. Gloves are highly reccomended as getting shot in the hands (which happens frequently) hurts immensely in cold weather. A toboggan or backwards ball cap (one that still allows the mask to fit comfortably) is suggested as well to help if you get hit on the top of the head (as well as containing perspiration that would otherwise fog your mask).