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Is it possible to run 4 IMR’s in series / parallel to get the power an

14 December 2017 - 04:58 PM

I have a newly bought Nerf Stryfe. Seemed to be the one to get to modify and have a little fun with. Anyway Ive seen a lot about running 2 or 3 IMRs with dummies. I guess getting around 7.4 or 11.1 volts running in series? I think maybe it was parallel? (Im def not an electrician by any means) But only around 700mah depending on the type and brand. Which I see a lot of other posts saying isnt enough. How about running 4 in series and parallel? It would only be aboutt 7.4volts but would double the MAH to 1400? This is all approximated on 14500 IMRs I ordered by EFest rated at 700mah. I trust EFest and use them in ecigs. I just think it would be nice that even no door mod needed and a nice full factory tray obviously rewired would look nice. Ive looked around a bunch of forums and not found anything about doing this specifically. Is it possible? And if so could someone maybe post a wire diagram for it? Forums are great I have learned so much but am new to being a poster. Please excuse me if I have done anything out of line or not in the right order but Id really like to see if this is possible. And run with it. Can anyone help?