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Des Moines Iowa (Nerf DMI) War #3

10 October 2019 - 12:46 PM

The potentialy last one of the year! 

Please join my facebook group if you are in Iowa or surrounding states, and would like to be notified about future events. Join the discord too while you're at it. 


I won't approve you if you're not in the area, fair warning. Trying to keep this local. 

Event Info:


Saturday, October 19, 2019




1650 E Pioneer Rd, Des Moines, IA 50320

​Pioneer Park on Google Maps:​











Battle #3! This will likely be either the last or second to last outdoor event for the year, so if you haven’t made it to an event yet, you’re running out of time! Still looking into indoor locations, but no guarantee that will work out. Wars will definitely start back up in the spring.

Going to try out the area farther from the parking space, across the same large field we’ve been using. Should have a bit better cover.

We will be playing in the partially wooded/ open area that is at the very front of the park. This is the area you drive past on your way to the front entrance if you're coming from SE 14th.


Everyone is welcome to come, bring your friends, family, deceased ancestors, doesn't matter! We will be playing several fun standard war gamemodes including Carpe, CTF, Wingman Zombies, Rouge One, King of the Hill, Kill Confirmed, Blob, and possibly others!


Notable Details/Rules**

Before you come, please read over the rules, which you can find here.https://docs.google....dit?usp=sharing

This event is BYOD (Bring Your Own Darts) I will NOT be providing ammo. Please mark your blasters so they do not get lost. Mark your darts if you need them back, otherwise no guarantees.

It is costing me $25 to reserve the space for each war. I am asking for a encouraged but not mandatory $5 donation to help cover the cost of the event. Any extra will be put into a community dart pool, or other things to improve the event.

This is a superstock event, meaning that modified blasters are allowed, within reason. There is a 130 FPS cap, so if you're knowledgeable enough to know your blaster shoots harder than that, please leave it at home. I'm going to try a 130 fps limit to start, depending what sort of ages/players show up that might be changed for future events.

If you're not sure, I will have a chronobarrel for testing.If you own some variety of actual chronograph, please bring it! It would be incredibly helpful for me.

***Children who are not 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult! This is for their personal safety.***


**What to bring-**

Your own Blaster(s) and Darts-

Large Water Bottle (Hydration is Key!)

Baseball Cap(s) (Planing on using these to indicate teams)

EYE PROTECTION- If I see you not wearing it, you will not be allowed to play - I will allow prescription glasses to be used, but think about it this way, safety glasses- $2 a pair, prescription glasses- several $100. If they get knocked off of your face accidentally, stepped on, broken, that's on you. I will have a few spares of safety glasses for people who forget, but do NOT count on there being some for you. Please bring all the pairs of safety glasses you have in case I do not have enough! I will also have 3 or so pairs of glasses that fit over normal prescription glasses.

Any blasters you are willing to loan out- front loading blasters like Hammershots, Disruptors, Nightfinders, Firestrikes, etc work best for this. Mag fed blasters are too easy to jam. Ones without smart AR's are even better.

Folding tables to lay out blasters/stuff on- if you have one, please bring it! There are no picnic tables, and t it would be a lot better if people could put their stuff on a table instead of on the ground. Folding canopies would be great too.

Lawn chairs to sit on- if you plan on not playing, you're going to be either sitting on the ground or something you bring.

FOOD! We will be playing for several hours with breaks in between rounds, so please bring some food for yourself so you don't get hungry . No need to bring food for other people, but if you want to, I won't stop you :D

A pistol for pistol rounds. (I will have a few spares)

A good attitude and a willingness to have fun!

**What NOT To Bring**

FVJ's/FVN's. No hard tipped darts, please. If the dart has a squishy head, its fine. Waffles, Accufakes, Elites, Worker, etc, all fine.

Realistic or All Black Painted Blasters. Please do not bring these. If you have a blaster that could look like an actual firearm from a distance, Leave It At Home. (Brightly colored blasters only please.) I have already informed the Police and the Park Department, but they would still have to come if someone reported a problem.

Anything that shoots over 130 FPS

Homemade Darts, also known as steffans or slugs. ( Other factory made half darts with soft heads are fine)

---Notable rules not listed above----

I am allowing riot sized shield's and lower- (if you have to ask if its too big then it probably is) broken by Rockets/Mega- can only use a pistol- no flywheel or mag fed blasters.


I hope to see a lot of you there, it should be a lot of fun. If you plan on going, I would appreciate it if you clicked going on the event to let me know.



Note: i am not the person running the war i am just a member of the group the owner is LightningEagle14

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13 May 2019 - 08:23 AM

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here is a pic of the internals