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20 February 2018 - 02:03 PM

I will let you guys decide on which weapon for me to mod. The reason for this is my lack of nerf gun modding knowledge. If anyone knows something its you guys. I know its a lot to want to mod but I dont know how to pick one or at most, five. That is why I am putting this on here to know how to mod a gun and which one to do. I will also take suggestions for the future for the next most commented gun.

Nite finder double spring

17 February 2018 - 11:18 AM

So my first pro mod! The doublespringed nite finder. It was my idea but my 12 year old bro did it but it is very powerful. My only concern is the internals breaking though. The power may shorten its lifetime but is great anyway. The parts I scrapped was from a wii remote gun spring and thats about it.

Gun show case

02 November 2017 - 08:35 AM

I want to show you my best guns just in case you would like to have good guns to mod.
There is this green buzbee gun I will post later I can't because I'm at school.
Those are some of my favorites anyway, I hope you have an inspiration for a mod!

I'm sorry but the second amazon link doesn't work, the gun is the bigshock mega pistol.

Simple mods for people without screwdrivers

17 October 2017 - 07:54 AM

So I have the problem of not having the proper screwdrivers for modding, which is holding me back from really modding my guns. Luckily I have found an alternative that won't get me in trouble, because my little brother is a snitch, tape. It sounds ridiculous but believe it or not if you put it over the external air release holes or vents it adds at least 1 or 5 feet longer range. That is how I made the raider cs 35 better. I was having problems with the range of it so I had an idea, since I can't access the air restrictors why not tape the opening to unclog clogs. It had holes on it I used scotch tape and voila, it added a yard or a yard and a half to the range. It experimented with other guns and the same principle applied. Anyone have a suggestion for screwdrivers, I hate my noob mods. Also when I get the screw drivers I need a suggestion for the doominator or springs. On more think which gun is best without modding? I promise I'll reply as quick as possible.

Another mod without screw drivers is heavily rubber banding a gun. So I have a dart gun from dollar general and I decided, I am going to mod this gun, Note I did this on Saturday. I added over the course if two days at least ten rubber bands and I think I can shoot over halfway across my calde sac, calle de sac? Before it could only maybe shoot across the length if my hallway and half of my hallway. It shoots like two lol. I want it to hurt but it doesn't yet. If I can post it I will.