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Rapidstrike Modding Help (Complete Noob)

14 September 2017 - 06:24 AM

As a complete noob, I am dipping my toe into the modding pool with my rapidstrike. Well not really dipping my toe but throwing myself into the deep end. Anyways.


I have given it a repaint, and have dismantled it. I should have few problems with installing the new parts, and I have experience with electrical stuffs, so that should be fine. I have a general idea of what I need to do, but many of the specifics are not very clear to me, and I would also your advice as well. I'm aware this information exists somewhere on the internet but I have done some research and found little answers to my questions.


So I am aiming for a complete rewiring with new motors, flywheels, cage, lipo and everything. However, I do not know what type/variant/brand to choose.


I am looking for:

3 130 motors (Unsure of what type, e.g. Rhinos, Honeybadgers)

LiPO (Don't know what S, or current draw I'll need)

Flywheel cage (Not sure want company to pick)

Flywheels (Again as above)

Switches (Unsure of what type to use)

Wiring (Same as above)


I am choosing to go with 130s because budget, as 180s will cost more as will the necessary motor cover. Due to my low budget, please keep this in mid when suggesting parts, as I cannot afford outrageously expensive Snikkas cages etc. Another thing would be my country-Australia, as many things on Amazon won't ship down here. \


Thanks in advance