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Quick Favor?

08 January 2009 - 10:20 PM

I've been hunting around for an AT2k, because a At3k chamber won't fit into a Lightgun shell I'm trying to make into a functioning blaster.

Only problem is AT2ks have totally disappeared around me.

Can someone do me a favor and measure the circumference around an AT2k blast chamber, so I know if it will even fit in the gun?

Thanks in advance.


24 July 2008 - 11:32 AM

I have scavenged local TRUs, Walmarts, Targets, Kmarts... everywhere, several towns over, in an effort to find myself a Magstrike.

Not only are all of these places out of stock, but they don't even have the shelf space for them anymore.

Are the Magstrikes being phased out dude to the coming of the Vulcan? I'd buy one online, but I online retailers want 32$ plus shipping for them, which bumps it to about 38$.

Anyone know what's going on with the Magstrikes?

Question About Air Guns

01 July 2008 - 12:28 PM

I modded my SMDTG and cut the tubing on one of them. I noticed there were springs inside the tubes. Also, there are some in a few of the tubes of the Hornet.

Is there any purpose to these springs? I've never seen anyone mention them.
Also, to connect the tubing, can you find 'couplers' at Ace and such?

Dtg Problems...

25 June 2008 - 12:34 PM

Yesterday I picked up the DTG set and a BBB, on sale too! And as soon as I got home, I set forth to getting some simple mods done for a friends Grad Party. I loved the DTGs, they seem to be great as secondaries, and I've already got plans for a dual holster for them.

And just a note: I'm not a new modder. I piddled with Nitefinders and Mavericks to start, then moved up to my Recon and Titan, Crossfires, the BBB and I'm waiting on Ace to get more brass in stock so I can finish my Angel Breeched Longshot.

In cutting out the pegs on the Air Restrictors of the red one, I botched up the seals they made with the barrel. I was slightly worried about how it would shoot, but it (to my joy) achieved higher than stock ranges.

Then I set forth to doing the blue one, and was much more careful in removing the pegs. I also remembered I had spare Nitefinder springs from an abandoned Double NF modification. So I put on of those in there, found myself a stronger catch spring. I didn't have the time to do a PVC barrel replacement, and I didn't have enough brass to do all the barrels. I also placed a circumference or two of E-Tape below the O-Ring in this one, and added a few layers of Teflon Tape to the top if it, and coated it in Silicon Grease. I seal was great, not too incredibly tight, but tight enough that it had a good seal that no air leaked through. So I left it at that, and closed it up.

However, my problems arise when I when to test the Blue one's ranges. They all fell below 20'. I looked at this and thought, this isn't right. Then I thought. Possibly, because I am using stock darts, it's too much power for them. So I made a quick batch of Stefans, and the same thing happens, they just pop out of the barrel and flop at about 20'.

So my question is this: "Has anyone else experienced this problem," or, "Does anyone know what might be the trouble?" As, the gun that has the better spring and seal is getting about half the range of the other.