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War organizers on and other game mods, help me complete this global ma

16 December 2017 - 01:54 AM

(Sharing with permission from darconrenozyle)



I'm trying to help complete this global map of different Nerf groups around the world so we have something to easily share with people who may want to easily find/visualize local groups very quickly. As I understand it, there's a lot of incomplete spots on it (maybe like 60% complete I'd guess) and we need your help to polish it. If you are an organizer or know of an organizer, I'd love to get some input on this, especially on the east coast where I understand needs some more markers. If you can, the desired fields of entry are:


Name of group


Play Level

Contact person (Nerfhaven name, email, reddit, etc.)



Pass this thread around if you can, I want to see how much information I can get. Thanks!

NoBaCoN's Ragnaroktoberfest 2017, This Saturday and Sunday

25 October 2017 - 12:30 AM

NoBaCoN (with assist from EBAN & SAANG) Presents Ragnaroktoberfest 2017


Two Days of Nerf, Featuring 5v5 Trouney, HvZ at Sundown, and a Superstock game

All events @ Seven Hills Park, 384 Florence St, Union City, CA 94587 




Saturday Oct 28 1-5PM 

Will be a special 5v5 Tournament hosted by Jangular. Team signups are open and available upon contact or day of, as it seems there will be plenty of people there who will need teams (18 +, older teens with special approval). All rules in evite



Saturday Oct 28 6-10PM 

Following that, we will have an all ages Humans VS Zombies (all ages)



Sunday Oct 29 12-5PM

Superstock war the same location the following day (all ages)



All rules, contacts, and information are embedded in the evites. RSVP to help estimate attendance


*Additional Halloween evening event in Napa, location to be announced

Whats the verdict on Worker rubber darts and Z-pattern waffles being a

27 September 2017 - 12:31 AM

We're in the process of drafting rules for a new Ultrastock/NIC grade group and I'd like to follow the paradigms set by amra/apoc on banning painful tips. I want to get some community feedback on what people have thought about these new Worker (gen 1 and 2) and Z-waffle pattern plastic rounds if you've had the chance to experience them in your wars. Do you think they hurt as much as hard vinyl tips?

The worker rounds are a hard black rubber, a bit harder than ACC silicon, but softer than true vinyl. The Z-pattern waffles, while having some flex joint, seem to be a type of hard plastic (feels almost more rigid than vinyl rounds). 


Links for ref: