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In Topic: Gun to tinker with for beginning modder

07 November 2017 - 11:02 PM

Same as most people, Nite Finders and Firestrikes.  


An old Dart Tag Crossfire is pretty easy too.

In Topic: ITT: Post your favorite Vintage blasters

09 September 2017 - 02:19 PM

I'd have to go with the Rapid Fire-20, its just so fun!

In Topic: Awfuls round blasters

31 August 2017 - 12:25 AM

My Awfuls blaster is the Rebelle bow.  You feel like Legolas or Erin Yagokoro, but you can barely get twenty feet.

In Topic: Rival: What 'team' colour do you prefer?

26 August 2017 - 01:58 PM

I'd prefer to be the Phantom Corps since they have a cooler name, and I don't particularly prefer the shades blue of the rival guns, too pale for my tastes and I don't like the color red as much.  I only have a team Red apollo and Zeus with a red face mask however since thats all they had at any stores I went to, but I will probably get a Hera soon.

In Topic: Homemade airgun trigger

22 July 2017 - 10:19 PM

You could try to make a homemade version of a Big Blast release mechanism.  A descent hardware store should provide the proper PVC and other parts.  If that would end up being a more costly solution, you could always just save money to buy the mjvo-3 valves.  


Aside from that, I suggest just walking up and down the aisles of your local hardware stores(assuming you have more than one) and try to get ideas from that.