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Airtech 2000 Pressure Question

20 April 2009 - 11:54 PM

Quick Question

What is the maximum safe pressure an Airtech 2000 tank is able to hold? Do not say 5 or 6 pumps because I already know that. I mean what psi does 5 or 6 pumps equate to? Surely someone here has attached a pressure gauge to their system to monitor the pressure.

I know Big Salvo tanks can hold 60 psi but I believe that the Airtech might not hold as high a pressure. I need to know for a mod I am attempting.

Thank you in advance.

Possible Source Of Brass

04 September 2008 - 12:43 AM

So I was really bored and decided to try and find a new source of brass online. The good news is that I think I did manage to find one although I have not tried to order anything off of it yet.


It is not as nice as Mcmaster Carr but they do seem to carry several sizes of brass. The price with shipping is a little high if you are just ordering a few feet but if you wanted to buy a large amount of it (let's face it I know I would use a large amount of it) then it not so bad.

Just thought I would share what I found and perhaps someone else can tells us if this company is reputable or not.

Quickstrike Mod

24 August 2008 - 11:31 PM

This marks my first posted mod and while it is nothing fancy I don't believe it has been done before. Stock the quickstrike sucked balls hardcore. In my opinion this is mainly the fault of its horrible arrow ammo which only flies straight for about 3 inches then veers off course. However without any further delay, here is the mod.

Materials Needed:
Dremel or sawing instrument
Hot glue gun
Pipe cutter

Step 1: Take your unmodded quickstrike.
Posted Image

Step 2: Using a dremel or any other sawing instrument cut the barrels off flush with the purple pieces. Then take a knife and clean out the barrels of plastic pieces (I actually cut the barrels shorter after this picture but was too lazy to take another).
Posted Image

Step 3: Using your pipe cutter cut two pieces of cpvc to about 3 inches long and set aside for a second. Take your glue gun and slather the purple parts of the barrels in hot glue.
Posted Image

Step 4: Take the cpvc and force it over the purple part of the barrel. The fit will be snug but it will go on with a little force. Finally you have have your finished product.
Posted Image

Ranges: About 35-40 feet using streamlines with hot glue filled tips. I couldn't take actual measurements because my toolbox got left back at home.

Final remarks: I actually like this little gun. The whole mod take like 10 minutes and it a fun little surprise to ambush my friends with. It could be redone using plumbers goop instead of hot glue but the cpvc is such a snug fit over the barrel I do not believe it is essential.

Praise? Flames?

Roto Rocket

30 April 2008 - 01:44 AM

I have been saving my first post for a good mod but instead it appears I have to waste it on a question which will probably get me made fun of. Oh well. So I have taken a liking to the National Geographic Roto Rocket as something to have some fun with and am going to get one off of Amazon. However when I was looking around I noticed that there is another brand called Uncle Milton that makes what looks like the same gun. The descriptions are slightly different but they seem to be the same. The Uncle Milton one is 6 dollars cheaper and you can get free shipping (which the big salvo has also and I have been looking for an excuse to buy one of those) but I don't want to waste time and money on something that is junk. So I ask you all...is there a difference that anyone knows of?

National Geographic Roto Rocket

Uncle Milton Roto Rocket

Thank you in advance everyone!