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In Topic: PSA - $15 Rapid Reds w/Prime shipping

06 April 2017 - 01:30 AM

$15 rapid reds, or $16 stryfes? Just bought two of them from toys r us, and I have no idea how long they'll be avaliable, so this might be the last chance to get a new stryfe. At least one this cheep. http://www.toysrus.c...&prodFindSrc=rv


Edit: the price jumped back up to $25 since i first posted. Still In stock, but not for the discounted price

In Topic: New modder looking for advice on a few new projects

28 March 2017 - 10:48 PM

So the modulus has a different flywheel cage and as such it needs different flywheels. If you want a custom flywheel cage for it Dr Snikkas is the only one who currently makes them.

Both the worker and the artifact flywheels are good doe the stryfe,the artifact ones are quieter but the increased weight will cause a slight drop in fps. Worker also makes different sized flywheels specifically for the modulus.

Cherry switches are good and will work pretty well for your builds though you might get slightly better performance from a 15a switch the difference isn't that big for 130 motors

As for a lipo what you want is one that's constant c value times in mAh (EDIT: meant Ah not mAh) is higher then the stall current of your motors so about 20. But if your not one for math 25-40c constant​(the lower number they give you) with as much mAh as you can fit should suit you just fine.

Don't really know much about lipo chargers so hopefully someone can help you with that but hope this helped some


Thank you for the info! I looked into Dr.Snikkas before, and while he has an amazing product I'm not quite ready to shell out that much on just the flywheel cage. I did find modulus flywheels though




Incorrect. Alice Coatduck and the open flywheel project do cages for the modulus.

Yes you still need flywheels if you're not going to use the stock modulus flywheels but those cages can be used with the stock flywheels.

Thank you! I was about to give up the search. Someone is selling cages from the open flywheel project, and they get a kickback for every product sold.


In Topic: Nerf Khaos broken magazine

24 January 2017 - 09:11 PM

Fingers crossed on that one, i already tried calling hasbro, and they told me no, but i might try again. I got the blaster cheep, so i wouldnt mind spending money on a mag or two.