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In Topic: Better Than A Nite Finder ?

27 March 2005 - 09:40 PM

That is the most awsome and original nf mod ever i wish i had your modding skills.
also to make a nice holster what you do is take a large square of cardboardand cut it to the right size and shape and fold it around your "gun" thingy and the cut it down to the perfect fit and tape it up with black E-tape.the cut 2 parallel slits and stick a belt through it and thats an awsome mod! :cry:

In Topic: Maverick Internals

15 March 2005 - 10:20 PM

ok i just got my maverick today at target,I think its decent stock(sorta)since i only play cqb and in side houses the most range i would need is about 60' flat.but stock it gets 30ish flat.i did the cylinder mod the peg remover mod and my own top seceret modd which now puts me in the 50'-53' out of 60 shots(ten full clips). B)
since i play cqb i painted it all black except the front of the grip handle the cocking handles grey part and the cylinder(painted it grey)and i E-taped a mini mag lite(the $10 flash lite that are the size of a dart)and its pimpin.but now its great for all in door wars.(aka church wars basement wars full house wars)but ya its a great side are to a hornet for indoors.when u own some one with a rapid fire 20 and all u got is a mav all they do is ;)