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Wars around Buffalo, NY

03 April 2017 - 06:56 AM

Looking to see if anyone can point me towards wars/a nerf group near Buffalo. I'm willing to drive up into Canada if need be.

Help with Taobao

09 January 2017 - 09:00 AM

So I'm in the middle of moving out of my house and I'm trying to work with taobao and I'm struggling with it. I'm a bit fusturated and I decided to use a taobao agent to make it easy and focus on the move.
I figured that instead of giving my money to some random person outside of this country I could offer to pay someone in this country to order me some crap. If your interested throw me a PM. If not I'll give my money elsewhere.

Strayven Mod

17 December 2016 - 07:44 PM

I've been modding for a while now and this will be my first big mod. This is more of me asking for someone to check my math before I blow this thing up with a couple of questions tacked on.

I have two 180 Hellcats powered by a 2200mAh 3s 40C Lipo pack. It will be wired with 16 gauge wire and will use two 10a micro switches instead of stock ones.

1) I plan to run LEDs through this. Can I power them off the same Lipo or should I use a different source?

2) There will also be an Arduino in there to control various things such as an ammo counter, voltage meter, and anything else I can think of and actually complete. Same thing as the LEDs, Can wvweything be run off one power source?

3) I do not have a good charge to balance, discharge or basically take care of Lipos. I've done some research and i have a couple of different in mind but can anyone recommend a good one that I can use? Money isn't really an issue since I would rather buy a fancy charger then replace my house if it lights up. Fear the Lipo!

Thank you for taking the time to answer. Hopefully when this thing is done I will be able to throw up some pictures.

3D printing in Nerf

03 December 2016 - 12:38 PM

What is the best program for creating nerf parts through 3D printers?


I've looked at several but I cannot figure out which would be the cheapest/ still able to make reliable homemade parts for nerf.




Is there anywhere that I can pick up premade stl files that I can just use in a 3D printer?

How to prepare for a paint job.

27 November 2016 - 10:40 AM

I looked into it and I found a bunch of different methods so I thought I'd turn to Nerfhaven for what you guys think/use.

I plan to use duplicolor for the primers, paints, and clear coat. Show should I go around prepping? Should I sand the whole blaster, just go for it, etc? What is the best method for a durable painthan job?