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12 December 2016 - 10:13 PM

So i will get right to the problem i currently have with my supermaxx 500. The tank is fine as far as i know, but the pump is furiously shattered on the inside. I do not want to try to salvage the tank and pump because i am not experienced in how to fix it yet, so that's going into the parts bin.
What i currently need help with is trying to find a new air tank that could fit into the blaster. Preferably a air tank that is connected to the pump, but if you have proof of some other tank configuration that could work, then that would be helpful.
Here is the thing about the SM500. There is NO spare room where the pump and tank sits. No wiggle room, no space for anything that i currently have. List of tanks that i have verified don't fit:
Anything bigger than an AT2K tank will NOT fit without shell modification, which i want to keep to a minimum.
I have measurements of the tank and pump and barrel in the form of pictures (sorry for low picture quality, only got an ipad to take pictures currently). *Measured in inches*
Attached File  IMG_0467.JPG   75.18KB   1 downloads
Attached File  IMG_0464.JPG   102.62KB   1 downloads
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So far i have asked bobololo for help on this in october which led to me buying a AT2K pump off ebay, which as i previously stated didn't fit. 
My thoughts are that maybe a panther tank (if minimized) could maybe work, but i cant find measurements of panther internals. Maybe that pocket shot or whatever it was called from N-Strike could work, but that thing is not nearly powerful enough for me. 
Thank you in advance,

Snikkas fearless fire cage?

23 November 2016 - 04:03 PM

Hey, I was looking through the forums for fearless fire mods, and I saw that snikkas made flywheel cages for the rebelle fearless fire. I have looked for some time though, and I can't find them. Are they discontinued? If not, can someone post a link to the store/listing?

Clipaziene Breach (Advice Appreciated.)

03 November 2016 - 12:16 PM

So, i was in writing class drawing ideas up from the dephs of my brain when i thought "what if i took a raider mag well and slapped a breach on it?" And then it began. I was thinking a simple breach with magic pvc, but with a wider opening to accept the mag, and also some nerf breach shaped pvc as the barrel material to make the darts feed correctly. Prototype coming soon-ish. Any advice is appreciated!

Magic Mega Barrels?

01 November 2016 - 12:09 PM

So i was wondering if anyone knows any good barreling material for mega darts? I have taken it upon myself to make a version of captian slug's clip fed homemade that can run megas. Help woth a loose barrel material and maybe a tight feed-able one too?

Pvc, cpvc, and brass are all i can get right now.