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1995 Crossbow TEASER PHOTO

24 March 2017 - 05:04 PM

So, this project has been in the works for about a year now, planning, getting parts, asking questions, and reading up on NH.


The plan is to cut out the gray grip of the Crossbow, cram the XBZ into the space, put a Raider priming grip on the front, and enjoy. (The pump will connect through the "scope" of the Crossbow.)


Then I will take a part of a Sledgefire stock and paste it onto the Crossbow stock, then slap some ammo holders on the side of the Crossbow. I plan to get a breach from someone for the XBZ and a second one for the Crossbow.


The Crossbow's internals are not built yet, so that is next up on the chopping block. I have the plunger tube material and the plunger head all chosen, but I still need to work on making a catch. This Crossbow came with no internals but the trigger and the plunger tube, so if anyone has a template for making a catch, a link would be GREATLY appreciated.


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Thats all!

Silly, signing out.

Crossbow Tube Help?

20 March 2017 - 07:48 AM

Dear NH,

I have been looking for some time now trying to find a buy link or store that sells the poly carb tube used as a plungertube for closed (flush) shelled 1995 crossbows. Also a link to a o ring or skirt seal used for that tubing would be appreciated aswell.


XBZ pump relocation?

16 March 2017 - 08:15 AM

Dear NH,

Quick question: how does one relocate the pump of a xbz? I have a fitting that goes over the current pump tube, that then can connect to a nerf pump I have, so i just need to know if I need to do anything to the xbz tank or pump itself before I fruck it up and get plastic shards in my face again.

Edit: Grammar corrections.

95 Crossbow Clip Fed?

27 February 2017 - 09:49 AM

{Before note: Typing this out on an iPad so please forgive any mistakes}


I have been studying CaptainSlug's Caliburn homemade, how nerf clip fed blasters work, and how we could make a clip fed nerf crossbow.
Several people will say "we dont need this" and "this isnt an improvement", and they may be right. However heres what I put to them: Imagine a 35 round drum in a 95 crossbow. I dont know about you, but I think that would be at the least cool, if not badass.

There is certainly more then a few problems with getting a clip onto this icon, so lets list them step by step.

1. priming and dart stop: The crossbow and all of the homemade internals ive seen are pull back and fire, not pull back, push fowards, then fire like current mag/clip fed nerf blasters. (Original Picture credit to Slug)
This is what I propose:

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2. structural support: I was thinking we could use the stock barrel's leftover "scope" as structural support by sticking a long rod (heh) into it from the magazine mech, overnthe top of the blaster (as shown above by that big pink stick on the top of the blaster)

3. Acessing the mechanism to make repairs: there is no doubt that this idea would need an occasional fix. We could use screws if we wanted, or maybe we could use one screw then the whole thing comes off the crossbow. Advice needed on this.

4. Materials and production via a guide: I was thinking delrin, aluminum, or ploycarb for the case of the inner mechanism. However I dont have experience in deciding materials, so advice needed here too.

This whole project is in the design phase, not in the prototype phase yet. So any advice/input/help is thanked and will be looked into.

Total size:

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Maine Nerfers/Wars?

31 January 2017 - 11:00 AM

Hello NH,

I have been searching for quite some time trying to find a nerf club/annual war in the Portland area of Maine, Usa. I have found one 14 year old kinda-friend who tries to mod, and i really dont know if he does it well. Thats all. No groups or anything. And i do know that theres some people who mod up here, but either their all hermits, or im a really bad researcher.

Thanks in advance,
Silly, the potato fueled modder.

Edit: i do faintly remember a Bangor nerf war flyer at the supermarket a few years ago.