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In Topic: Old Nerflister handed bag of nerf guns from parent's house, nostal

19 February 2020 - 08:28 PM

I understand, and have from the start of the project. The Discord is used mainly for communication, while most/all info is put into a Google Drive and Youtube channel, with scheduled updates to the project on r/Nerf and r/HistoryOfNerfModding on Reddit. We also backup the Discord on a regular basis and export it as HTML (Or on request, TXT, JSON, or CSV) files that can be downloaded and opened by anyone without access to the Discord or who want to look back at previous things that happened on the Discord (https://drive.google...2KRqI4q_y81wXFL). The end goal is to have a proper system/site set up, but that is not in the current timeline or cost scale of the project. 


In specific to the old Nerf list data, that is currently under lock and key for the vast majority of people, as those boards were used not only for Nerf, but many other things, such as personal info. The files are also not organized whatsoever and in a non-viewing-friendly format. We (Me and my partner in the project, RylehYachtClub) are going through the files and data, making note of personal data, organizing into a linear time scale, making files easier to read, and talking to people from the time when pertinent issues or info come up. This all takes time and careful consideration for each issue that comes up.


Since the making of this thread, LaFleur (Blakhawk on the Discord now, matching their name from the 90's) has helped us with this goal. We also consult Vaccallica, DanielBGoo, and Spoon with any questions pertinent to the specific person/communication tool (NerfOnline, ListServ, Yahoo Groups, etc).

In Topic: Old Nerflister handed bag of nerf guns from parent's house, nostal

08 February 2020 - 08:30 AM

I sent them a link to the History of Nerf Modding discord, where we have access to some backups of old nerf lists, but they are not publicly released yet. Didn't want to "advertise" in public. They have joined and we have been going through modern nerf with them and getting him up to speed. In turn, we have gotten some nice pictures of period correct mods and some pictures and info on original Stefans. 

In Topic: Old Nerflister handed bag of nerf guns from parent's house, nostal

04 February 2020 - 09:12 PM

[pmed] you some pertinent info.

In Topic: Unknown bolt action shelll ejecting nerf gun. PLEASE HEPL!!

22 January 2020 - 08:27 PM


QF-Eagle from Dart Zone

In Topic: Titan Modification Question

01 January 2020 - 11:39 AM

https://nerf.fandom....iki/Titan_CS-50 This is the Titan they are talking about.



"The Titan CS-50 has relatively few screws, compared to its size. It’s also a ton of open space, so you shouldn’t have any worries about things fitting inside.

Of note is the motor cage, which has a different design compared to past flywheel blasters. I wouldn’t expect a custom cage anytime soon. Otherwise, the blaster is effectively a Hyperfire, and should be able to be modified in a similar manner."

I would assume that it uses similar motors to the Hyperfire, and therefore can handle minor overvolting.

It looks like it uses standard 130 size motors, so it should be able to be modded pretty easily with replacement 130 motors. There may be space for 180s from looking at pictures, but I don't have one myself to test.

In my experience, stock Nerf 130 motors can handle up to 8, maybe 9. Any higher SIGNIFICANTLY decreases motor life. The small voltage increase should only minorly decreases motor life.