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Fall Seno 2009

17 September 2009 - 10:48 PM

Alright people, it's that time of year again when the weather (finally) starts to cool down and the summer Nerf season comes to a close. Fall SENO 2009. Let's make this happen. 'nuff said.

What: Fall SouthEast Nerf Outing

When: TBD by majority vote

Up for consideration:
Oct. 3
Oct. 10 (SAT weekend)
Oct. 17
Oct. 24
Oct. 31 (Halloween)
Nov. 7
Nov. 14 (SAT weekend)
Nov. 21
Nov. 28 (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Langford Middle School
3019 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30909-3470

>> Pictures of Playing Field <<

What to bring:
- At least one primary
- At least one secondary (springers if you want to do Gunslinger)
- Plenty of ammo
- Liquids (water is recommended)
- Packed lunch/snacks (if you don't want to leave for lunch)
- Appropriate clothing (weather may be a little chilly)
- A good attitude and a desire to have fun.

House-keeping things:
- Banned weapons: Plugged Titans, Plugged-singled BBBBs/LBBs and the like, outrageous homemades, converted airguns
- Other iffy weapons should be mentioned to myself or Zaxbys. Weapons will be checked on the field. Bring a back up primary if you are not sure.
- Please park in the back parking lot of the school (near the field).
- Please clean up after yourself.
- We will be doing periodic dart sweeps. Don't steal other people's ammo.
- Don't be a douchebag. Simple enough.
- Nerf your heart out.


Maybe Attending:

Not Attending:
Shadowblade: Oh the irony. I made the thread but I'm not attending. SNAPbow and company are retired until I get over this little bump in life. Fear not, {LoS} will be represented so carry on. I will return.

May the Nerf gods be with you and may your foam fly true. In the immortal words of Groove the Bad Ass, "Nerf on."

EDIT: Woot woot! Post #400.

Sofa Recap Thread

03 August 2009 - 04:19 PM

It's funny to think that I'm writing this as the war is still in progress, but because I had to leave early and now I have access to my computer, I'll go ahead and get this thread going. :lol:

Overall, in the four hours I was there, I think this may have been one of the best southern wars yet. We got PLENTY of nerfing in before I had to leave. It's unfortunate that I couldn't make it back out due to some other obligations, but what's done is done. I can't wait to see the pictures and videos for this war. VIVA LA SOFA!

+ Nerfing for the first time in ages.
+ Nerfing with some really cool people.
+ Seeing some old faces as well as meeting new people.
+ Groove being able to make it down here to play with us.
+ Witnessing the power of two Gurus on the field at the same time.
+ Being able to see in person some of the guns posted here on NH.
+ My RSCB'd SNAPbow performing extremely well.
+ My RSCB clip saving my butt multiple times and earning me a 4-kill streak during the first TDM.
+ Testing the new field. I think I like this one better than Garrett.
+ Earning the new nickname "Tamanator".
+ Nerfing

- Good old Georgia weather...
- Inconsistent stefans. That's what you get when you procrastinate.
- Not being able to stay longer.
- Not being able to get back to the war.

How to improve future wars:
- FIND MORE NERFERS! Haha, there's gotta be more nerfers down here in the SE. Invite your friends! Show 'em what nerf really is.

I want to thank you everyone who came out for SOFA and survived the brutal heat and humidity for the sake of nerf. I hope to see many of you again at other events. If you haven't heard already, this war may have been my last war for a while because I need to focus on college and whatnot. I will jump right back in if the forces that be permit me. It was a pleasure nerfing with a group of great people. Hit me up if you see me stalking the site haha. I'll be around ;) .

Season Of Foam - Augusta

07 May 2009 - 12:09 PM

Alright people, by now you should know that the SOF Team is a no-go for this summer. Despite the bad news, we will play on, rain or shine. I expect this to be one of the largest regional wars down here in the southeast yet. Don't disappoint me.

The date and time stands as is and the location has been set.

What: Season of Foam Nerf Out - Augusta (SOFA)

When: August 3rd, 2009 from 10AM til the heat kills us (6:30ish)

Langford Middle School
3019 Walton Way
Augusta, GA 30909-3470


If anyone needs help getting directions, feel free to drop me a PM!


I will update this info as it gets nearer to the war date.

*Banned Weapons:
-Singled Titans (plugged or unplugged, it doesn't matter)
-Converted Air Rifles
-Plugged Singled BBBBs/LBBs
-Any other gun deemed too dangerous for play

*Down here in the SouthEast, we tend to be VERY lenient on guns. We usually allow pretty potent weapons on the field, but if you decide to bring a nerf howitzer, we'll have to ask you to put it away. If you aren't sure, bring a backup weapon.

What to bring:
-First and foremost: A good attitude. No douchebaggery allowed.
-At least one primary and one sidearm.
-A spring-powered pistol.
-A ballgun if you have one.
-Ammo. You will probably need 150+ darts. We will be dart sweeps throughout the day but you should still have enough ammo to last.
-WATER. LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER. I cannot stress this enough. Augusta in August is like being in humid Hell.
-A packed lunch. Chances are we won't have time to order food, so please bring something to eat on the field. The hosts will probably have snacks (granola bars, chips, etc.).
-Friends! The more the merrier! Just let us know how many you're bringing.

Other Notes:
-Park in the parking lot directly adjacent to the playground. Our staging area is nearby under the covered walkway.
-Please dress accordingly for this war. The temperature can reach upwards of over 100+ degrees F due to the extreme humidity. We will try our best to keep the staging area shaded.
-Public facilities may or may not be available because the school is closed during the summer. Be prepared to use some bushes.
-It is okay if you are forced to chamber someone else's darts during a round, but please do not steal the darts at the end of the war. We will do dart sweeps and throw everything into a communal pile. Each nerfer is expected to get his or her darts ONLY. Thanks much.
-BRING WATER. WATER. WATER. You should try to avoid caffeinated drinks as they are diuretics and actually make you lose more water.
- Have fun. This is the ultimate rule in Nerf.


Now for attendance:

Definitely Attending:
Shadowblade +1
Myster E
flyingchicken +2
A side of nerf
veginator +4
Zaxbys +3
NerfRogue83 +1
rork +1-3

Maybe Attending:
Myster E's guest
DrSpaceman's guest


Let's make this another SE war to remember guys (and gals). Nerf on! <_<

Viva La SOFA!

Spring Seno Recap

29 March 2009 - 08:41 PM

I'd like to thank everyone who made it out to Spring SENO. It was a great kickoff to the nerfing season. I hope to see all of you again for Summer SENO and SOFA!

War recap:
-Being able to nerf after three idle months of winter
-Good performances from all of my guns
-Effeminate last stand with my Longshot during the modified HvZ round
-Beautiful weather
-Almost successfully sneaking the flag during CTF

-Crappy stefans. Gotta convert to CS stefans soon.
-Going to bed know I'm gonna be sore tomorrow morning (but it was definitely worth it).

I hope everyone had fun. SouthEast nerfing is going to be ballah this year. Hears to another year of nerf! Nerf on.

Pc Virus Problem

28 January 2009 - 12:57 PM

Last night, as I was working diligently on my essays for class, my desktop PC froze. Whoopdeedoo, so I restarted it and it got all the way to loading the wallpaper and stopped...I shut down and tried again a few minutes later but it would not get any further than loading the wallpaper. However, the task manager does pop up when I hit CTRL ALT DEL. There are no tasks shown and the processes look normal. What the mess is going on???

I have narrowed it down to two possibilities:
- my hard drive crashed (which I doubt...)
- a virus (probably a trojan) attacked

Does anyone have any experience dealing with such a problem? I plan on running it on safe mode when I get home to check it out and running an anti-malware (suggestions?).

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.