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In Topic: Magnus 9 shot

20 May 2016 - 09:52 PM

The bottom picture is the area I'm having the issue with. Duke, I just read your whole post and now I feel like an idiot...lol. I can still separate it, just at the clip halves instead of the pistol halves. derp. Looks like I'm ordering me some MMA







In Topic: Magnus 9 shot

20 May 2016 - 08:40 AM

Glue the magazine onto one side of the shell instead of both.


This is also something I considered. I tried posting pictures last night, but didn't have any more posts to use. I'll post them later. Right now it is securely screwed to the main side of the blaster, into the backing plate that creates the internal mag. But when I put the gun back together the magazine leans to one side and is crooked. I think at this point I may just have to cut my losses, undo what I did, and glue the f*#!er onto the gun and hope I don't have to take the thing apart ever again xP

In Topic: Magnus 9 shot

19 May 2016 - 06:09 PM

Sounds like you're using epoxy putty, that stuff's great for reinforcement of a joint, to make it cleaner or to reinforce a stock piece. For joining pieces you want the two part liquid epoxy. What I would suggest is to cut out the bottom of the magnus' mag and glue the spring from the centurion mag together with the spring from the magnus' one. Then glue in the centurion mag and you're done.


See this is what I thought of first, but I want the gun to still be butterfly-able in case I need to take it apart for whatever reason. I did however use the putty to cement the springs together, that worked pretty well.

In Topic: Magnus 9 shot

19 May 2016 - 06:06 PM

It's more than just possible, it's easy and also been done before. 


This is actually a Ten Shot Magnus I made over two years ago. 

Pretty much exactly what has been said here is what I did to it, with one exception. Don't use "liquid epoxy", you need to use Methacrylate; MMA, Devcon, whatever brand just be sure it's active ingredient is Methacrylate. Leaps and bounds better than "liquid epoxy". 

Just take your time, measure twice cut once. 

Edit: Of course it's a Centurion barrel. It's also easily removable for when you don't want the feel of a "heavy pistol".


I'll take a look at the MMA, see where I can get it from. It looks like you've glued the mag to the gun itself? Doesn't this make it impossible to take the magnus apart again? I wanted to avoid that, even though it is the simplest way to go. Any advice on that?

In Topic: Slamfire issues

06 May 2016 - 11:52 AM

Ok, so I took apart the strongarm and looked at it carefully. I lubed up the plunger tube and improved the seal. I also learned that when firing the PT moves forward due to the pressure of the plunger when firing. When I fire normally, you can watch the PT scoot forward and make a good seal to the barrel. When slam-firing the PT moves forward still, but lightening quick, to the point where I couldn't see it until very close inspection. I suspect that this is why it doesn't shoot well with slam-fire. It's not making a good enough seal. I know this is a pretty specific issue, but any idea why it's doing this? I can't figure out why the tube moves so fast when the function is basically the same with both firing modes.