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Why I still nerf.

29 November 2015 - 12:17 AM

So let me tell you the story of why I will likely nerf into middle age:

I'm at my friends house and her boyfriend is passed out tired with a cold, so me and her decide to go ahead and let him have a nap. I load up. For my primary I've got a modified Demolisher with slightly higher voltage, tuned back from my first iteration as its initial voltage mod was causing extremely visible welts. My Secondary is a cycloneshock with an added recon spring pushing the boundaries of what our group considers legal, IE does not raise substantial welts. For backups I've got a jolt stuffed into a random pants pocket, a Bigshock in my duster pocket, and a Boffer Shortsword(A home made foam "sword" used in larping, extremely safe so as you can smack the stupid out of your friend without risk of injury or much pain).  For ammo I have two 18 mags, a ten mag, a twelve mag, a pocket loaded with Mega Darts, and an extra mega dart in the top of the Bigshock. My friend had a stock rapidstrike, a fearless fire, a strongarm or two, my hammershock, a boffer spear, a roughcut, and about 3-4 18 mags, not all in her original kit, but grabbing them from her room was totally legit in our book. A few of her backup guns and my excess ammo was left in the basement. We both had two demolisher missiles which were treated as grenades with a 6ft radius. We used some modified "wounding" rules including the ability to kill weapons themselves, with mega-darts given a bonus against armor had their been any. We have this house with an extensive basement that is all well furnished in a wealthy neighborhood(IE not my house) to run around in. We decide to roll dice to see who gets to pick which floor as spawn point. I win and choose the basement(read buckets of ammo). The downside to this house is their is ONE staircase, and we had a non binding agreement not to go outside because finding darts at night sucks. Keep in mind we constantly exchange darts for suppression. So we call go and I immediately kill the lights I can reach. I then watch for shadows from upstairs as my friend fails to get a clear shot. We exchange darts through the banister and from directly above/below each-other, none with a clear shot. A few lucky rounds and some nades later and my demolisher is toast. I try throwing my nades at this point and completely fail. My friend gets cocky and advances, and my "secondary" comes to play, instilling fear into her heart with every *wistle thwak* of a dart just passing her nose as she ducks behind stairs. I take out her rapidstrike. After fetching her fearless fire she dodges into an adjacent room using suppression fire and running like a demon just as I load a dart into my pistol to duck into a downstairs room. I adjust cover and shove as many solid objects from behind me into the front of me to dig in and prevent losing opportunities. I then use the large bin I was hiding behind as mobile cover, shoving it forward as I crawl towards my enemy for that perfect shot, feeling every minute like the Vorkuta mission in Call of Duty Black Ops. After an exchange of fire, she over presents her weapon and I nail it, removing another from play. I re-position while she switches, but she flees to fetch her strongarm. The second she tries to return to the fight I peg her arm, and then her strongarm leaves play as I score another hit. She grudgingly fetches her roughcut as her final resort, and as she dives "gloriously" into cover she catches a mega dart right in the forhead. This all took about 45 minutes to play out, and is probably the most fun I have ever had.

What is the length of the Modulus Blaster Stock

28 November 2015 - 11:09 PM

I'm on the market for a nerf stock to meet my necessary length for comfort. I saw the Modulus Nerf Blaster Stock and thought that while I hope to never need that fifth backup in my redundant system of backup blaster, it looks cool and maybe even comfortable. What I need to decide on its potential is for somebody to take out a ruler and measure how long it is from mount to back. An image comparison to other stocks would also be nice if you want. Hug your cover and have a nice day.