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In Topic: Need some help with ROF voltage drop in RS

12 June 2016 - 12:59 AM

It seems crude to use diodes to drop voltage. Generally, you should use PWM to control motors.


You can use an N-channel MOSFET or an NPN transistor on the low side, connected to a PWM pin on an Arduino or other microcontroller, to vary the power more efficiently.


Those are all Google-able, if your circuits knowledge is a bit rusty.


EDIT: The problem with dropping voltage with diodes is heat. The extra voltage is dissipated as heat, and the more current the motors draw, the more heat is wasted. Laziness and ignorance are not viable reasons to waste 30% of your battery power.


I​ was intending to drop the voltage of the pusher motor only, and preferably in the simplest way. I'll look into other options, I was just under the assumption that diodes was common practice in a nerf  rate of fire application.

In Topic: Need advice on a Rapidstrike mod

02 November 2015 - 10:14 PM

I tried 9v, 6 AA's, and 8 AA's, and just wasn't confortable with any of these setups. So I ended up lending him 2 imr (14500) for the power supply in the stock battery tray, couldn't find any dummy batteries on such short notice, so I gator clipped the +/- on the adjacent side. worked well enough. for the one night.
Also did a mega magnus integration with a recon barrel, and a matte black paintjob, leaving all the moving parts orange (jam door, triggers, stock extension, etc). I'll post some pics in the coming days as now its mine again and I will be selling it. Or making a rapidpistol out of it with rhino 130's.

In Topic: Need advice on a Rapidstrike mod

14 October 2015 - 09:48 PM

use a 9v battery- I don't think it will trip the thermistor as 6 AA batteries will have the same effect

I'll try the 9v. Seems like the most painless way to go about these internals.