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Nerf At Stony Brook University

02 February 2009 - 10:55 PM

Hey guys.

Every Monday and Friday this semester my nerf group will be having stock wars at Stony Brook University. The times will vary depending on my my schedule, but they will never be before 4 PM and usually not before 6 PM, we usually go for at least two hours, probably more depending on how many people there are. If anyone is fairly local and wants to come on any given day, PM me in advance: Stony Brook is huge and if you don't know where to meet up with us you will get lost and, in all probability, die.

Li War Saturday, October 11th

06 October 2008 - 09:56 PM

I'm having a war on Saturday, October 11th. The place and time are not definite right now, PM me for information, but it will definitely be in Suffolk county. Also, modifications will be greatly restricted. Anything that enhances a gun's power, range or velocity (such as banding, sprind changes, plugging pumps, AR removal etc.) is strictly banned. Guns modified to look realistic are also banned. Ammunition must be stock. Mods that are ergonomic or cosmetic in nature (provided they don't make the gun look real) are fine, such mods include Slug's foregrip for the longshot.

Anyone interested?

Vulcan Range Test

30 July 2008 - 11:25 PM

Those ranges flat at just under 4 feet above the ground? Awesome, simply awesome. So far, the vulcan sounds like one of the best stock blasters ever released, and this is coming from a veteran of the amazing supermax line.

Assassin Rules Help

26 July 2008 - 07:57 PM

Hey guys, i'm restarting my assassin game this year (we took a break last semester) and I just rewrote the rules. As i'm expecting a much larger group this time around, i'd like to ensure that the rules are comprehensive, as well as identify any possible loopholes in the restrictions section that would allow someone to do something stupid or dangerous. The rules are posted below, i'd appreciate your help in identifying any oversights or problematic elements. Comments and criticisms are always welcome as well.

Nerf Assassin Rules: Fall 2008
I. Objective:
1. To eliminate as many players as possible each day without being eliminated.
II. Scoring and elimination:
1. Each player earns a point by whenever they or a confederate recruited by them eliminates another player or a confederate recruited by another player (see below).
2. An elimination is defined as a dart fired from one player’s nerf (or comparable off-brand blaster) blaster making contact with another player or confederate. Clothing also counts, gun hits do not.
3. Shields may be used, but there is no armor in nerf assassin. As a rule of thumb, if you’re wearing it, with the exception of a shield strapped to your arm, it counts as an elimination if it gets hit.
4. An eliminated player may not eliminate any other players or confederates until they “respawn” at midnight that night.
5. Once eliminated, a player or confederate may not interfere with combat between active players. Players may not lie, either explicitly or implicitly, about their status.
6. Any elimination questions or disagreements should be brought to Tom.
III. Confederates:
1. Players may temporarily recruit people not currently signed up for assassin to aid them. These people will be referred to as confederates. Confederates must be assigned a target or group of targets, they may not seek out players they have not been recruited to eliminate. Confederate status is lost upon elimination or at midnight of the day they were recruited, though they may be recruited again the next day. Before attempting to eliminate a player, a confederate must give a verbal indication of their status, such as “(Recruiter’s name here) says hello.”
IV. Restrictions:
1. Under no circumstances are laws or institutional rules to be broken for the purposes of this game. Any relevant authority figures must be obeyed with regards to where play takes place and in what manner it does so (this includes the owners of any property you may be on, including your target).
2. Eliminations may not take places in a class.
3. Know your target’s boundaries: Some players will not mind you showing up at their doorstep or dorm to eliminate them, others (or their families) will. Time of day is also a factor here. Try to use your best judgment, and if you’re unsure, ask.
4. If one player is in a situation where they cannot eliminate another player, they may not be eliminated in that same situation.
5. Blasters may not be modified to improve internal performance. Ergonomic changes (such as padding a grip) or adding accessories (such as a flashlight or custom ammo holders) are fine. Some examples of banned modifications include, but are not limited to:
• AR removal
• Changing/replacing barrels
• Spring replacements
• Plugging pumps
6. Under no circumstances are blasters to be made to look more realistic.
7. Darts must be in stock condition save for normal wear and tear damage. Deliberately modified and/or custom darts (such as stefans) may not be used.
8. Eliminations may not take place in potentially hazardous situations. Such situations include, but are not limited to:
• While driving
• Handling heavy objects
9. Eliminations may not take place in a situation where they would be severely disruptive or disrespectful. Some examples include, but are not limited to:
• Extracurricular activities, such as sports games or concerts
• In a house of worship
V. Misc:
1. Tom reserves the right to make revisions to these rules, including emergency revisions when play becomes severely disruptive or dangerous.

N-strike Attachments You Would Like To See.

24 July 2008 - 12:37 PM

This topic is for sharing ideas for n-strike attachments that could be released in the same manner as the tactical light. I personally would like to see the following:

1) A smdtg-like gun with a more ergonomic trigger setup.

2) Attachable ammo and/or clip holders.

3) I sincerely doubt they'd do this, but a spy gear video car-esque setup with the camera in the attchament and a headset to allow you to peek around corners would be very cool.

Anyone have any other ideas?