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Just wanted to let you know of the future Nerf game in Longmont. Saturday May, 31 2014. Check out Northern Colorado Nerf on Facebook for more details
May 25 2014 04:33 PM

Boris99Crazy Modder

Yes indeed! I live up north in berthoud. Dont be suprised if you hav'nt herd of it, population is less than 6000! However, its right by Loveland assuming you dont live too far away...
Oct 02 2013 02:25 PM

Crazy ModderBoris99

Hello! So you are a modder of the Colorado Rockies as well?!? I am glad not to be alone; we should chat sometime. -Crazy modder
Oct 02 2013 02:16 PM


Great paint job! Also, your overall cosmetic mods turned out really cool, keep it up!
Sep 21 2013 10:22 PM