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In Topic: Universal Roughcut Masterkey for Rayven/Recon/Retaliator/etc

07 May 2013 - 12:35 PM

Modular. Very nice.

Would there be a way to use the tabs that hold the barrel in place for mechanical attachment? I would think it would be a bit more structurally sound that way.

Yes, it's doable, but the spacing and shaving and fitting of the barrel holders on the bottom would be a pain, would have made for a dirtier integration, and not provide much benefit.

Wow, that's jus amazing, just one question; how will you able to fire the thing, since I don't see the trigger anywhere?

As noted, I set it up to be slamfire only. It's not the most accurate, but based on spacing and distances on the rayven it seemed like the best option.

You have an excellent taste in board games

I know

In Topic: Roughcut - 2x4 to 4x2 Mod + Bottle Cap Slamfire + Speed Loaders, For R

18 April 2013 - 06:20 PM

All of that work and people are more impressed that I shoved a bottle cap into the trigger.

I can tell you from experience that even banging on the gun sideways, the cap doesn't want to come out. It takes a deliberate effort (like pushing it out of the way with your finger) to remove it from the slot. The only reason I've got it attached to the trigger guard to begin with is because I didn't want it to get lost when I go to trigger mode. I use the trigger when I want to make a long distance shot quietly without revving up the motors on the stryfe and need some accuracy that the slamfire doesn't give me. I also use the trigger when I want to pop each side off individually. A permanent or semi permanent solution doesn't give me that flexibility. Also, yes, it's Murphy's law you're calling on me, and it only applies if you stop thinking about what you're doing and it either fires or doesn't fire when you expect or don't expect it to, but it has nothing to do with the mod.

If you don't believe me, try it out yourself! It's not like I'm asking you to chop open your gun or craft some special parts to make it work.

The reason the stryfe and roughcut go so well together is because their differences compliment one another. Revving up the motors takes time, so being able to pop off an instant shot while you wait that half a second gives you an edge over other flywheel guns. The ability to fire 2 (or in my case 4) shots at once to help compensate for dart drift adds a degree of accuracy. The way I currently use it is to pull the slide back on the roughcut and use that as my fore grip. In a tight situation all I need to do is slide my hand forward to fire. The ability to front load darts when magazines run low means you can scavenge darts quickly. It's like having a secondary tied straight to your primary that only requires one hand to operate. The size and shape of the two weapons together lend themselves to EASY modification that any kid with a nail file and some duct tape could pull off. What the roughcut lacks in capacity, the stryfe has going for it being mag loaded.

It also looks cool as hell.