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30 June 2020 - 08:17 PM



Came on here to look at the trading forum, and its.... gone. Is that just a me thing or has it actually been removed?


Ive tried a few things but Ive come to the conclusion that its just.... gone, but I wanted to check with the few members here and make sure. 



Michigan Rumble Numero UNO

29 May 2016 - 06:59 PM

Michigan Rumble #1!


Alright guys! Go Crazy, But its time we nerfed around here! >: 3 

Here's the details. 

Date: July 30th, 2016

Time: We will probably start around 11:30 am. I will be there around 10:30, 11 am to move in Mobstacles and stuff. I plan to end off around 6, but hey if we are having fun I might stick around longer.

Location: Bry's Park, St. Clair Shores,48080


Google maps:



Attached File  BRYS.png   1.46MB   74 downloads

What to bring:


1) BLASTERS: SAMBO!(Stock and modified blasters only) Try to bring at least one reliable PRIMARY, a small blaster for pistol rounds. Bring extras if you feel you'll need them! I have a few loaners, but dont count on it. ; ) Modifications are encouraged, but be mindful a few people may have some stock blasters.

- Blaster restrictions: Nothing Crazy! Dont bring anything crazily overpowered ( singled Titans/Hydro Cannons, etc.).  If your primary is deemed to be too much, I will ask you to put it away, but I feel it wont happen. Dont prove me wrong... Please bring Blasters that can fire standard size darts. Any of the knockoff/cheap/Koosh darts are fine as long as they do not have a solid tip. 

- Realistic blasters are BANNED. Bring NOTHING that looks too real steel. Make sure that whatever you bring is either bright like a clown or has a visible, orange barrel.


- Melee is COOL. Bring teh melee!

- Blaster shields are just..... no. 

2) DARTS: You can use stock micros, megas, discs, Missiles, whatever. Just make sure its Stock-like and has no solid tip.(i.e, FVJs, Im looking at you >.>)  I recommend about 200-300 darts per person, and I'm going to see if we cant have sorta a community bin of darts for the day, and then sort out everyone's remains at the end of the event.




I have a few. Some are stock, some are modded. I'm willing to share whatever I'm not running that game with anyone who needs it. Please, if you have some loaners, consider bringing them out and sharing. Its kinda fun to use other's blasters, and to go against someone using your creation. ^_^ However, I will stress the point that I'm not replacing anything that's broken. If it's flimsy, don't loan it. 


Other things to bring:
- LUNCH: I am going to be bringing myself a light lunch(I loveeeee trail mix). I personally think you guys should just bring one with you, but there is a Wendy's, National Coney Island, and a KFC near enough to walk to if you'd perfer it. You are free to do what you want though. We can all discuss and break for lunch at the same time, or... not.
- WATER: Bring some!
- SUNSCREEN: The sun will most likely be out. If you need it, Just do it. 
- EYE PROTECTION: You must be wearing something that completely covers your eyes, but if you choose not to, its not on me if something happens to your Iris. 
- A foldable chair, these make resting in between rounds so nice (if you have one/can fit one)
- A pop up shelter if you have one to help out with shade?
- Mobstacles PLEASE if you have them, we will be providing around 10 total but more cover is better.
- Something to lay your blasters out on/in, unless you don't mind them laying in the grass
- Money/blasters for bartering, in case you really like that blaster you were loaned. ; )
- Intelligence, Don't be an idiot.
- A good attitude

-DO NOT bring any open alcohol, drugs, or real firearms to this event. 





Capture the Node(A gametype I think will be fun)


Any gametype rules can/will be explained at the event.


DARKDRAGON + 2-3 noobs



Please Comment and tell me you plan to attend. I want to have at least 2-3 other attendees or Ill push the date back...

Turret problems In Cycloneshock

02 May 2016 - 10:24 PM

Hello there.

So, Im all the way through a cycloneshock mod for the girlfriend, and everything is perfect aside for the cylinder.... The blasted thing wont rotate!

I can prime and fire just fine. Ive done foam padding on the plunger head, could this mess with the rotation mech? How about any lock removals? Please, someone, help. Its frustrating the hell outta me.

Now, I havent been able to find anything on this, in the two to three write ups i read (three if reddit counts), and three mod guides ive seen on youtube. But, Id appreciate it if someone could help me with suggestions.


Michigan Interest?

18 March 2016 - 11:24 AM

Hey guys. Re-entering the scene after about a year. I want to host or possibly co-host a nerf war or three while Im home from college. Is there any michigan(Im from detroit, so somewhere near there is where itll be held.) interest in a war? Im not sure what style, but Im leaning towards SAMBO style(Stock and modified blasters Only) because my friend invitees will most likely have this class of nerf weaponry. In my time off, Ive made some LARP style weapons, so Im encouraging melee as well so that I can test those out. ^-^ Any hoo, please, PM or post here if you'd try to participate. Ill only throw it if I get enough interest.


3d custom pump kit for Apollo?

12 March 2016 - 09:15 PM

Looking into getting this thing... but after doing a little searching on my own, I decided to go to coop's link in the description of this video:https://youtu.be/S5WFC3yngGQ

But alas, the only thing that displays upon following the link is the stock piece. Can anyone link me to the Pump part of this kit? I cant find it.

Thanks, and cheers,