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The Evo Breech!

23 September 2012 - 04:59 PM

After I made the AT2KLR, I started thinking about doing a pump action nitefinder. After realizing how difficult
it would be to load it, I decided to put a breech on it, I then ditched the pump action idea, because it
was so difficult to seal the breach (it was made of cpvc). I just slapped a piece of 1/2 inch PVC
on top, and got this breech.

Posted Image

It was really hard to get a seal on this whole thing perfectly. Basically you open the door by pushing
down on the front of the barrel, until it opens like this;

Posted Image
(this picture came out upside down, my phone messed it up)

You place a dart into the slot here;

Posted Image

You then close the breech so it looks like this;

Posted Image
(upside down again :blink: )

You push the cover on the breech back so it becomes airtight, Then fire. It gets normal ranges for
a nitefinder (on the nitefinder, it gets misfires every 1/7 shots). But I tried it on my AT2KLR, and it worked like a mother flipping charm.
It was amazing. I call it The Evo Breech.


23 September 2012 - 04:48 PM

First legitimate modification post. Woo hoo. Anyway, I kind of got curisous as to what my AT2K can be and do. So in the
spirit of that, i started to build. And the end result was a singled AT2K with a really cool looking stock, a scope, and a long barrel.
May I present to you, the AT2KLR (Airtech 2000 Loser Rifle). Apparently, the "S" word gets replaced by loser. So this is a Loser rifle. But it
gets some pretty decent ranges.

Posted Image

Disassembled(No Barrel)
Posted Image

Yes, that is a quadshot pump grip. But I removed it, after I realized it sucked.
The stock is made of 1 inch PVC and its pretty flipping sturdy. I plan to paint it,
but I lack the supplies at the moment.

It gets consistent 100's, in terms of range, and has a high tendency to go
beyond that. By the way, the pump is plugged. I had to plug it so it wouldn't
lose air (obvious). <_<



24 August 2012 - 06:06 PM

Yes, the acronym is kind of weird.

This is my first homemade, so i'm kind of pondering building it. Basically, its a reverse plunger homemade, and its singled.
Mk. 1 will use a recon spring, or an OMW upgrade
spring (6 kg). I hope to build this in the future, but right now my parents arent letting me build anything nerf-related.
So here's the gun.


The trigger mechanism (its just a clothespin trigger) isnt on there. I dont know how to draw that.
You pull back on the cpvc "t" (the little circle) and it opens the bolt. Then you open the jam door, place
a dart inside, close the bolt (which also closes the jam door) and fire!. Its like that singled recon that i really want
to build thats on instructables [how to single a recon]. I just used that concept,
and applied it to homemades. I'll have better pictures when i can build it.

BLARPER stands for


The term "evolved" here dosen't mean its any better than the homemades we have,
it just simply means that I, Evo, have made it. The reverse plunger is sealed by etape, and is going to
be lubricated by OMW silicone grease.

Feedback, ideas, and criticism would be appreciated. ^_^


Modded Raycen CS-18 Scoped and Voltage Increased

20 July 2012 - 02:07 PM

I modded my rayven to fire stefans. I made it into a loser rifle, and when I add the trustfire batteries, it will increase the range even more!
Ill take pictures soon.