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Longshot air seal problem

18 May 2012 - 07:31 PM

Today I bought a used Longshot that appears to have had its AR removed, which saved me the trouble of drilling the AR out myself. However, the blasters internals were not correctly aligned, which I fixed, and there does not appear to be any damage caused by this. The blaster now fires farther than stock and primes beautifully without the bolt/clip lock in anymore. However, I have noticed that although the blaster shoots as far as my other modified blasters, it does NOT suction load darts, it also makes much more noise padded than my other padded plungers make, almost as much as when I dry fire it (not that I do often!). I decided to plug the barrel to check the air seal, which I had only quickly checked before I put the the blaster back together. Before reassembly the air seal was not 100% but did take a good 10 seconds for the plunger to come to rest while the barrel was plugged. Now it comes to rest MUCH quicker, taking only about 3 seconds. The air seems to be escaping around the back part of the bolt, the part which is black. The air release hole is still very much sealed, but the part that is actually in the plunger does not seem to be making a good seal with the surrounding parts. The bolt does not seem to be detachable from the plunger tube, so I can't tell if this moving part has its own O-ring around it, but moving it up and down in the plunger gives me the feeling that it does not.

Has anyone else had this problem with air escaping around the back part of the bolt inside the plunger, and have a way to improve the air seal? I feel that if the seal was better I could easily be getting 10ft+ more out of this blaster! The reason I bought a Longshot in the first place was to have it outrange my reverse-plungers!

If you would like to see pictures of the part I am talking about, I will gladly snap some.

EDIT response due to FNG post limit: @jackrabbit - All moving parts and parts that make contact with a moving part have silicone lubricant. I also used spray silicone lubricant to try and get lubricant behind the black plastic piece inside of the plunger tube. Also my other plasters and ones that I have modded do have a perfect seal when under the pressure of their springs, obviously I am talking about plugging the BOLT, not the FAUX BARREL!

Issue opening Longstrike

13 May 2012 - 10:50 PM

 I was going to modify a longstrike but there seems to be glue around the front area of the blaster stopping me from opening it up.  Specifically it appears that the case is stuck right under the yellow decal near the end of the blaster.  This would be the 4th Longstrike I have modified but only one other had glue and it was just a small dab on the front sling attachment ring.  I have tried to pry this with a large number of tools and even with nearly my full strength I cannot get this blaster open.  There is DEFINITELY no screws in the blaster...the area stuck is not near any screws.  Does anyone have a way to tackle the glue that nerf seems to be putting on more and more blasters to hinder modifications?  I am really dumbfounded as to how this glue is not cracking, I literally cannot put a finger under the front part of the case because the glue is holding onto the case so tightly!


To clarify, the glue is far inside the blaster, trying to pry the blaster apart is making the sides that I try to gain leverage on bend to a nearly unacceptable degree.  See the guide posted below for an exact location of where the glue is.  

I am going to bring over the person who owns the Nerf blaster so that we can both grab a side evenly and then really try to pull it apart, hopefully this will work.