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23 June 2012 - 05:04 PM

The OOTWW, or Out of the way Wye is a new and easy way to fix most Wye problems, like blocking view and being hard to reload on the run.

Edit: First Writeup

*Basic Wye setup
*PVC conduit 45 degree pipe section
*Something to seal the PVC conduit (1/2 PVC end cap, 3/4 CPVC ball valve, or Etc.)

Posted Image
Not Final Product Just Layout Of Parts!

All parts needed in photo above!

Posted Image

What it should look like, the camera angle makes it hard tell how the PVC conduit it bent...


+Works like a hopper, you don't have to tilt it down like a RSCB.
+Works with slugs and domes.
+Stealthy and sleek.
+Not hard to straighten like a RSCB.
+Rarely jams like a hopper, again only with bad darts.
+Very easy to reload, If you have two hands, I didn't in the video as I was holding the camera.

-Ranges decrease as darts leave the PVC conduit and out the barrel, like all hoppers and RSCBs, this is just an assumption due to trends.
-PVC conduit isn't clear, but most nerfers don't use clear PVC.

Overview, Firing test, and Assembly:



NENO2- This Time, It's Personal!

15 June 2012 - 02:43 PM

What- North Eastern Nerf Outing.....2!

When- July 22, 2012
10 AM-4:30 PM

Where- 88 East Hyerdale Drive Goshen, CT

Hello again, NerfHaven!
The original NENO was quite successful in reaching out to the nerfers in the Northeast, something that hadn't happened around here in a while. In the hopes of expanding our newly reformed community, we will be hosting multiple events this summer.
A local nerfer, Uranium234 has graciously provided the location; his house for this war.
There will be plenty of space to play and hide (an inprovement from last time) and Uranium may let us use his large workshop for modding.

What To Bring
-Lots of guns (At least a primary and pistol)
-Lots of darts (200+)
-A good attitude
-Things to trade/$$$ for trading (We do LOTS of it)
-Things to mod
-Maybe a mobstacle or two

General Rules/Restrictions
Honestly, we aren't too strict, but safety is a must.
-We all seem to like slug darts. Please, if you don't have any, get some before (or at) the war.
-Crazy high powered blasters are dumb. A lot of kids use hoppered Titans (Don't ask).
-If you don't wear glasses, consider bringing eye protection.
-Don't be a "I shot you first" or "I win, you lose" person. We are just trying to have fun.

Feel free to suggest gametypes and we will make a master schedule of games for the day. A lot of us seem to like Capture the flag and various forms of deathmatch, so expect quite a bit of that.

Last, but not least,


See you all the 22nd!

P.S Feel free to discuss game types, ask questions and tell us what you are looking for trading-wise in the comments of this thread or via a PM to me.

N.E.N.O: A Connecticut Nerf War!

20 April 2012 - 08:57 PM

NorthEastern Nerf Outing!

Well, it's Nerf war season once again, and I've noticed a saddening lack of wars (and players) in the Norteast, more specifically CT.

Let's Change That!

What: Northeastern Nerf Outing, a CT Nerf war.
When: May 12th, 2012
Noon- 5:30Pm PM

Where: Veterans Memorial Park
575 Pleasant Valley Road,
South Windsor, CT

Here's a picture -

Posted Image

We will be playing on what is seasonally a soccer field for public use, but this shouldn't be an issue, as the nets can be moved easily (but maybe we don't wanna move them... ).

As far as I know, this place is pretty dormant until Memorial Day weekend. The most we have have to do to claim the spot is shoo away some little kids, but seeing how early we will be there, that shouldn't be much of an issue.

Stock blasters/Dart Tag
Defend The Core
"Banned" Blasters
Whatever else is suggested (I don't know of many types of games)

What To Bring:

These are all the categories that your blasters can fall under. A * indicates a highly recommended category

NIC Blasters*
These blasters include a spring or air powered primary that can fire on average 90ft-130ft flat, a secondary or backup primary that
doesn't quite meet primary standards, and a pistol, which is a preferably spring powered blaster with a rather low ammo capacity that doesn't meet primary or secondary standards in range.

Stock Blasters
Stock blasters shooting stock darts, nuff said.

Lightly Modified/HvZ Blasters*
Blasters that shoot further than out of the box, about 50-70 feet flat with stock darts.

Blasters that are absolutely awful, or were once awful, but still can't break 35 feet. These can qualify as stock or lightly modified, but please differenciate, and don't try to compete in an HvZ style round with a Tek 3.

"Banned" Blasters
Most wars ban blasters such as plugged Big Blasts and Titans because of their ability to shoot over 150' flat. If there is enough interest
and safety precautions, I will allow blasters like this, granted that everyone is mature about it, and not a d-bag who shoots smaller players in the face with a slingshot dome out of a singled, plugged Titan. Behavior like that will get you kicked out.

As for dart restrictions, please do not bring;
Darts with exposed metal
Darts weighted with anything heavier than a 3/0
Besides that, I'm pretty leniant.
Please bring about double the ammo capacity of all your blasters, and then some.
About 200+ Darts.

-Blasters to trade/sell
-Money for trading
-Money for pizza (if everyone kicks in, this is a possibility)
-Lunch (in case pizza falls through)
-Eye protection (please be safe)

What Not To Bring
-Restricted darts (previously stated)
-D-bag behavior
-Realistic blasters without an orange tip
-Nothing (be prepared please!)

This can be discussed via PM.

Siriuslyharry+ ~5

Jaybo1996+ ~1-7

That's all for now! any questions or suggestions may be posted or PMd, as I am open to them. Hope to see some of you on the 5th!