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Singled Nerf Rough Cut

02 February 2013 - 06:45 PM

Materials Needed:

Phillips Screwdriver
Something that cuts plastic well.
1 - 1in to 1/2in PVC bushing
1 - 1/2in CPVC coupler
Any length of 1/2in CPVC barrel (I used between 4 to 6 inches in length).

Sorry for lack of photos during process, but it is quite simple.

Step 1: Open the blaster
Step 2: Remove the internals. Scrap the front orange 8 barrel whatever it's called. That won't be needed.
Step 3: Place the bushing onto the desired plunger system, left or right (make sure the hexagon side is on the outside part as the coupler fits in that.
Posted Image
Step 4: Adhere to the system via epoxy, hot glue, etc.
Step 5: Cut shell to accommodate the bushing.
Posted Image
Step 6: Put internals back in, close it up, and have fun shooting.
Posted Image

Very important note. Whith this way of doing it, only one bushing will fit because of their size. If you choose the left barrel, everything should work out good. But, if you choose the right barrel, then you must do another step. There is a pushed up button by a spring that works with the priming mechanism. If you're not using the left barrel, either remove the spring or remove that part entirely and you'll be fine. It's on the outside, I only removed the spring and didn't even have to take it apart. It's right near the barrels. Btw, take the other plunger tube and spring out from the unused side, only causes more noise and could potentially break your plunger system. As well, with only using the right barrel and that removed, slamfire is the only way it'll shoot as of right now. Will be doing some more testing and maybe another Nerfer can come back with some more information.

For the ranges, it's snowing here so I can't officially test, but with a roughly 20ft hallway, hits the wall decently. I'm guessing between 60ft and 75ft flat. But I am not sure.
Happy Nerfing.

Double Panther Modification

07 October 2012 - 09:06 PM

Here's the write-up for the Buzz Bee Double Panther, which is taking two Panthers and combining them at the handles to make one.

Required Materials:
Hack Saw or Dremel
Epxoy or some sort of strong adhesive
And any other materials for if you want to modify the blaster itself.

*Note* I will not be explaining the modification part of the blasters' internals. Please see makeitgo's Basic Modification topic.

Most of you have probably seen a Buzz Bee Panther, so I'll just show where I cut the handle.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Roughly just below the trigger, if you want you may make a lower cut depending on your hand size.

Next align the two blasters before you adhesive them so they are not really unaligned. Make sure to get as straight of a cut as you can, measuring would be advised.
Posted Image

Now, adhere them together like so (and make sure to adhere the outer shell and inner for structural support. I used Epoxy Quick Steel and this shouldn't break. Use as much as needed to make sure the bond doesn't break.
Posted Image
Posted Image

The blaster should now look like this.
Posted Image

But I can't leave it like that... So after some modifications and a paint job...
Posted Image
Behold, the Halo Panther.

Questions are welcomed.

Canton, Ohio War July 7th, 2012 ***Cancelled***

24 June 2012 - 03:37 PM

The was has been cancelled due to lack of interest. Next year I'll hopefully plan better and a Central/Northern Ohio Nerf Scene can get going. Sorry for this misfortune.

Quick Alpha Trooper Question

22 March 2012 - 10:06 PM

I have an Alpha Trooper Massacre Kit coming in soon. I've considered adding a power stock mod as well as the kit, but I have a concern. Even if I did reinforce the priming bar with epoxy at the grip and bolt sled, would it warp under the 6KG OMW Spring and maybe an Ace/Home Depot spring? I would hate to do the mod and reinforce the priming bar and it warp under all the pressure and have a non working Alpha Trooper with an OMW kit. I will probably use epoxy putty for reinforcement, but as well, anyone have suggestions for more reinforcement of the priming bar? Thanks,

Eye Protection Is Key

03 March 2012 - 11:00 AM

I know just about every Nerf War requires eye protection. Yet, there really isn't a topic of what eye protection is actually good and practical. Basically, I want to start this topic (maybe have it pinned) so new Nerfers who do not have proper eye protection can see what is good and what is not. I am going out myself today and possibly next week to get me a good pair. But not even I know of every good pair, or even bad pair. I mean, I think no one would want a person to go buy a three dollar (U.S. currency if anyone is wondering) pair of basic sunglasses and have them shatter in the field and get seriously injured. Everyone enforces this, but there seems to be a lack of what is good eye protection and what is bad (especially with all of us modders starting to create more powerful blasters). So, post comments on what you have used, experienced with, or know of that are good or bad eye protection and I'l start a list in this post for the ease of other users so they do not have to scroll through pages of comments. Be as specific as you can, we don't want to get anyone hurt (not that it has happened, I don't know, but better safe than sorry).

Alright, thanks for the suggestions already and keep them coming. This list is what would be considered a recommendation and guidelines list. This doesn't mean you have to follow or agree with the list. If anyone sees anything in the list that should be moved to a different category or do not agree, don't flame, just leave a respectable comment stating why it should be changed. Again, thanks to everyone for these suggestions. I am not taking credit for this list. NerfHaven as a community may take credit.

Lab/Industrial/ANSI Z87.1 - Thanks for the additional help from Jlego. Basically, any rated by ANSI Z87.1 has been impact tested for industrial work/chem lab, which they use that rating system for their standard. "Nothing nerf will punch through those" - Swiftone1990
Airsoft Glasses - BB's can't penetrate, neither will a Stefan.
Nerf Dart Tag - With point blank 1/4in dome darts out of a rainbow by HasreadCoC, these will do just fine.
Paintball Goggles - If a paintball can withstand them, a Stefan shouldn't be any worries. Plus can come with anti-fog lenses.
Shooting Glasses - If they're made to protect from bullet shrapnel, or bullets, then what is a Nerf Dart going to to?

Would Work But May Not Be Too Practical:
Swimming Goggle - They work, but your peripheral vision is blocked.
Ski Goggles - Same as swimming (Thanks to Swiftone1990 for verification).
Standard Pair of Sunglasses - These will definitely work (as long as not glass), but use with CAUTION as sides may be exposed. Recommended to get a pair that wrap around the eyes.

Practicool (inspired by OneWingedAngel):
Sunglasses With Built In Camera - Same as regular sunglasses, but the cool feature of filming.
Welding Helmet - Intimidation factor will come into play, but may lack peripheral.
Face Shield - Seriously, if you use one of these you much be cool.
Mesh Face Shield - It may work, but because of the mesh it may not hold out too well. As well may lack peripheral.

Not Practical:
Prescription/Reading Glasses - Thanks to KaneTheMediocre for the better information. Prescription glasses may be safe as they're made out of a special poly-carbonate plastic, but some pairs may be too small to protect the eyes and may have the possibility to fall off (unless you have goggles over top them). Am I saying don't use these? No. Just fair warning for anyone who may want to and this is clearly at the hosts discretion for if your prescription glasses are protective enough or not.
Unprotected Eyes - ... I'll let Langely or someone cool make a funny comment about unprotected eyes.
Monocle - Seriously, it only covers one eye, and just barely.
Frameless Sunglasses - Probably worse than basic sunglasses as they may be easier to breakage because of lack of a frame structure.
3D Glasses - They maybe give a cool effect, but the effect may mess up your vision and the lenses may not be very durable. Also, probably doesn't cover fairly well.

Also given by Jlego, here is an external link for more information about protective eyeglases Lab Safety Supply

With a helpful tip from Daniel Beaver, if your eye protection tends to fog up, get anti-fogging spray or a drop of dish soap (I didn't even know that).

Is this list final? No. Is this a list that should be made standard? Not necessarily. Everyone has their own opinion. I see this as a guide for players who don't know what to get and want to check out what may work. Then they can venture out and get what they want for they feel is best suited.