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Furyfire 4b Integration

03 December 2013 - 10:51 PM

So I recently got back into Nerf, and I'm starting to drift away from airsoft a bit more.
So, without further personal discussion, I give you....this.
Posted Image

This blaster was inspired by a Berzerker lying on my couch, half open. I realized I had a failed airgun Furyfire in my closet, and decided to find it. At first, I thought of using a brass breach, but my stefans don't fit brass very well, even for airguns. I decided to make a CPVC breach.

  • 12" of 1/2" CPVC
  • 12" of 1/2" PVC
  • 1/2" PVC Coupler
  • Furyfire shell
  • Berzerker
  • 1/4" Wood dowel rod
  • Zip ties (If you don't have the screws)
  • Dremel
  • Cutting bit of choice (I like the diamond wheel)
  • Wire snips
  • Super glue
  • Epoxy
  • Belt sander
Start by drawing and cutting a 3" breach in the CPVC about an inch and a half away from the end, like so.
Posted Image
Posted Image
As you can see, I have cut about an inch of PVC stub from the original 12" pipe.
Next, glue your coupler to your Berzerker tank.
Posted Image
You don't really need to worry about dead space with such a massive air tank.
Next, sand the outside of your CPVC until it fits into the PVC sheath
Posted Image
Posted Image
Make sure the breach opens and closes fluently, and has enough room for your type of darts.
Get ready to do some shell cutting!
Start off with this piece, and cut a rectangle about an inch and a quarter long across the top near the end of the rail.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Cut a smaller rectangle a quarter inch back from that big one.
Posted Image
This next part is hard to explain, so just try to replicate what I did.
Posted Image
Make sure your cuts are even on both sides, and sand them down to be as smooth as possible.
Slip the internals into the shell and cut out anything that hinders your tank. Make sure the white lever on the pin fits into the small rectangle.
Posted Image
Next for the trigger. There is a steel rod for the old Berzerker trigger. Take about an inch of the hook side and epoxy it onto the left side of the trigger.
Posted Image
Posted Image
Close the shell and test the internals.
Posted Image
Now to finish the breach.
Glue the PVC stub on the end of the CPVC and let it dry.
Posted Image
Test the breach.
Posted Image
Slip it into the coupler.
Posted Image
Cut a 3/8" slot into the side of the plastic barrel.
Posted Image
Cut down the wood to an inch, and line it up with the slot. Glue that sucker in.
Posted Image
Cut the wood way down, to about 3/16" tall.
Posted Image
Glue it all up and let it dry.
Posted Image
Put zip ties in places around the shell to hold it all together. I have yet to purchase new screws.
Here it is with my couplered pistol.
Posted Image
Comments and questions appreciated.

Easy valve seal fix

26 May 2012 - 03:37 PM

So, I have a leaky 3k and 2k. So, what to do I ask myself........ AH HAH!!! We are huge R/C enthusiasts, so I grab a bottle of 45 weight silicone shock oil. (This is the part where you go and buy some from your local hobby shop)


  • Factory Team 45 Weight Shock Oil
  • Leaky Airgun Of Choice (2k, 3k, etc.)

Posted Image
The shock oil ^

Now, unscrew the cap to open it (like an Elmer's glue bottle), and pour a few (2-5 drops depending on the blaster) drops down the air output valve, and it should seal right up!

Posted Image

Sorry for the crappy pictures, couldn't find my good camera.

So, in conclusion, this will NOT work for every situation, but it did work with my 2k and 3k. Hope this helps! Comments, questions, and even flames are appreciated.

pistol splat breech

04 February 2012 - 01:33 PM

My link]Hay guys, I have a mod question for you. Do you think a pistol splat has enough stock breech movement to cut a hole in the side, and slap some brass in the barrel? Also, if not, please recommend some other mods to me (besides a simple coupler). Thanks, the feedback is appreciated.