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Dark Arch Jan 25,14

13 January 2014 - 09:44 PM

This will be an outdoor game. the park is of smaller size but with 30 or less people we will have room to breath. there will be a large shelter(seats 200) there where trades and mods can happen. on to what you want to know

Where: Donner park(http://www.columbus....fo/donner-park/)

Time: it will be 11am to 3pm

Setting: it will be lightly wooded and on grass. there is a playground there we can use if no kids are on it

-glasses will be a must
-clothing make sure your clothed right should be in the 60s so lets be accordingly
-blasters you know what to bring but i will deem anything that seems to hot there
-in the way of ammo nothing sharp and or pointed just domes and slugs and of course normal nerf darts

Game Types: we will just play what we feel like playing in general and I just want to keep this a relaxed game.

I would like to mention I will not tolerate brats and know it all attitudes keep them at home or your taking them back home with you. depending on if I move I should start to be hosting a monthly game and different locations. I will know if I move here soon and let you know if they become monthly

Hope You Make It
Shane Workman

Columbus Indiana

12 January 2014 - 02:40 AM

Hello I have been on the forums but not really posted much. I would like to get together a nerf war here in my hometown of Columbus Indiana once the weather lets up. I wanted to see who all would be interested in attending. a good friend of mine known on here as falcon has been helping me as to pull one of. he may or may not be in attendance for this event. I am thinking somewhere in the area of the middle of next month to allow for the most shows and fair weather. go ahead and comment what you guys would want and how many are coming and ill get this pulled together. trading will be allowed and most likely will be using west coast rules.