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PA Nerf War

06 September 2012 - 08:37 PM

War Canceled

Time: 10AM - until we get tired (good idea to get there early)
LOCATION: Wood Duck Lane, Wrightsville, PA 17368

Once you get to Wood Duck Lane just follow it all the way around if you get to the end of Wood Duck Lane just follow it around turning left, then make another left at the corner and we are on the right. You can’t miss us. We are in a big area with porta potties right out front. If you go up the hill on the path to the left of wood duck lane, just follow that left and then make a right I and you will find us.


1. Respect: Respect the grounds, the people, and fellow nerfers, period.
2. Hands off of other peoples things unless you have permission from the owner.
3. When we have dart sweeps, I would like everybody to participate.
4. If you are under 13 I would like you to have a parent or guardian present during the games, the whole time.
5. BRING EYE PROTECTION!!! We all know darts to the face suck.
6. Overall just, don’t be a douche. None of us want to put up with your crap ruining the day.
7. GUN BANS: Singled titans, cobras, jobars, supersoakers, and other blasters that may “draw blood” can/will be banned on spot. Were out to have fun, not kill each other.

- I like domes, so I’m going to allow them. Standard weights, use’em if you want
- No crappy darts. Make them right or find some one who can
- Slugs (of coarse)
- If I (or others) think something’s wrong with your darts I will conduct surgery to see what’s up.

General items to bring:
- Your primary
- A spring pistol
- A side arm
- A backup primary just in case your primary fails (it happens to everybody)
- A bunch of darts More then 100
- Water
- Lunch
- A good attitude
- Maybe a friend or two

Game types:
- 3:15
- 4:20
- 5:0
- ectů you’ve been to these, you know what to expect

Who's in:
- clownieX
- TheSilentRebel

- shandsgator8 +1
- Shoopy

It’s a little short-notice but that’s a result of my morons at work and their scheduling. Need my email? clownie@rocketmail.com