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Anyone have pictures from SPANO 2011? nerf stuff stolen 2016

19 May 2016 - 02:34 PM

Hey I was wondering if anyone who went to spano 2011 still has a bunch of pictures from that event? I recently had my storage unit robed and someone stole all my nerf guns. I need any sort of pictures to send to the insurance company to prove that i had nerf guns. I didn't happen to keep pictures of everything. (at least not that ive been able to find). and i don't have receipts for most of it because i got it from thrift stores, ebay, here, garage sales, ect.


I had boxes full of them with me at the time, and while my collection had grown a lot since i just need something to send them.


Im the big hairy faced guy behind the bucket in the middle of this photo.




If anyone has anything to help that would be great.


feel free to email me