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COVID'19 Bandannas for sale, proceeds to feed the hungry

02 May 2020 - 07:29 PM

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2018 Nerf War Directory

07 August 2018 - 10:08 AM

This is a calendar of upcoming nerf wars and a directory of facebook groups and other resources for finding nerf wars near you.  You can submit listings by replying to this thread.  DO NOT submit a link to a facebook group (or other off-site resource) unless the group is SPECIFICALLY for planning and hosting nerfwars, and you've already been using it to successfully plan and host nerf wars. 
Make submissions in the following format:
Nerf Wars


Name of War

Link to Nerfhaven Thread

Month, Date

State (country if not US)


Type (NIC, metal darts allowed, Superstock, Stock, HvZ, etc)


Apocalypse 2018

August 4th


Ocean Twp

NIC, Metal darts allowed
Facebook Group:

Name of Group
Links (one per line)

State (country if not US)

Region/City if applicable 

Type (NIC, metal darts allowed, Superstock, Stock, HvZ, etc)




NJ Modified Nerf Wars


NIC, Metal darts allowed.



Directory is in next post

And we're back....

20 September 2016 - 03:48 AM



So our hosting made some unexpected changes which broke the site, and after trying to deal with technical support people from two different companies and a database that resembled a dumpster fire, I gave up and reset the site back to the latest viable backup (thanks to Doom for providing backups).  We lost about a weeks worth of posts, but the problem appears to be resolved.  Thanks for your patience during the downtime. 

Looking back at 14 years in the LGLF...

28 June 2016 - 02:25 PM

14 years ago today, I met up with my friend Fred from highschool and we modified a nerf blaster, committed an act of petty larceny, and signed up for a Geocities account.  The blaster was actually a Super Soaker XP 150 modified to shoot nerf darts, the theft was a garden gnome from the garage-sale addicted hoarder down the street, and the Geocities account was for the LGLF homepage.  5 weeks later we joined up with one of my nephews (Left Nut) and found ourselves at the first annual Apocalypse nerf war, where we met Vacc and Spoon (the original founders of NerfHaven), One Man Clan, and the members of the Lawn Chair Mafia nerf clan.  A couple of weeks after that we hosted our own war, and called it GnomeFEST.  We were the baddest group of toy-gun-toting dorks in New Jersey.
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Over the next few years I met Talio and we all went on a road trip down to the D.C. area to nerf with Crankymonky and Groove (Edit: yes, and THIRST.).  Shortly after that, Hasbro sent a designer and an engineer out to a GnomeFEST to meet us, and they recruited Talio and One Man Clan into an early version of their Nerf Ambassador program.  The designer from Hasbro is still working there, leading the team on the Rebelle line.  We nerfed around Philadelphia and some paintball field in bumfuck Delaware, and had a few more Apocs and GnomeFESTS.  Around 2005 One Man Clan agreed to pick up some kid from Hoboken who he'd never met on the way to a war.  They sat in uncomfortable silence for about an hour as OMC wondered how this guy was going to load a nerf gun with only one arm.  That guy was JLego, and he turned out to be the fastest most impossible to hit nerfer at that event.  We met lots of other people over the years, and some drifted away or stopped nerfing, including Fred, and then eventually, me. 
When I came back in early 2008 after a two year hiatus, I reconnected with Talio and JLego, and they introduced me to some new guy named Splitlip.  We all agreed to carpool down to a DCNO later that spring, and in an alcohol fueled surge of collective nostalgia, the four of us decided to re-boot the LGLF. A month later Talio joined the Mag7 in the worst act of betrayal on American soil since Benedict Arnold.  But that was okay, because we would add Muttonchops in 2009 and Gears in 2010.  Our old allies Crankymonky and Groove would both join us in 2011, and (though he'll deny it) TED joined in around 2012.
Over the years we traveled all over the east coast, to Maryland and Virginia, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Toronto and Chicago.  We went to Penn State for Humans vs Zombies, and some of us flew out for Armageddon in Los Angeles.  We made a lot of friends on those trips, and even more came out to visit us every year at Apoc.  We met the Sex Dwarves of Pittsburgh, and the U3 and Rainbow Clans from Chicago.  We played with nerfers from Ohio, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, Georgia and Florida.  We helped host Geddon, DCNOs, ECNOs and NENOs.  We ate Hasbro's Pizza and we drank their beer.  We busted UIN13s balls, hit on Lord Draconical's girlfriend and pooped in Forsaken Angel's toilet.
I got a little carried away there.  What was I saying? Oh yeah. 
I love this clan, and the people who are in it.  It's been an incredible 14 year journey and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I know we're scattered all over the country now, and I'm well past my nerf expiration date, but I'll keep going if you do.  Thanks guys. 
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There are some more photos I dug up in this album on facebook: https://www.facebook...59315644&type=3

Post your DIY/Maker/Craft/Mod hobbies

29 May 2016 - 12:43 PM

What other hobbies are you engaged in where you make/craft/modify things? 


I know there are a ton of people in this community that build amazing things outside of the Nerf hobby, and I wanted to give them an opportunity to share that on NH.  Post pictures of your work and/or your workshop, tell us a little about it, and if it relates to nerf or has any overlap be sure to mention that . Obviously if you make cool things professionally, we want to hear about that too. 


You aren't required to only post about your own hobby, feel free to reply to other people's posts and ask them questions about their hobby or their work.