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In Topic: Nerf Sneakshot

09 June 2010 - 01:49 PM

This gun is closer to my era of Nerfing...

If you're buying this gun because it's in great condition and you want something gimmicky to show your friends, perhaps it is worth $25.

If you're looking for a gun to use in wars, put your money toward just about anything else.

NerfCenter review to the rescue...


"Don't even think about buying the Sneak ShotŪ."

In Topic: Best Gun

05 October 2004 - 08:08 PM

Damn, those were good times. And yes, I clearly remember you hitting all of us in that little confined space. Yeah, I didn't take that too well, did I?

"ADAM! You can't use that gun. IT'S NOT FAIRRRRRR!!!"

Seriously, though. We should round up the old crew and try it again.


Yeah, all y'all were bitching about the Wildfire. I loved getting 25 kills every war with that thing.

... Kevin is @ CSU, I'm obviously @ SMU, Eric is @ Baylor... God only knows where Nathan is, Chris is.... Yeah. Byron is here in Dallas with me -- he's @ UTD. I hung out with him the weekend before last, actually. haha. Getting that crew together might prove tough. Might need to round up a new Nerf crew. Get some other people into Nerf. <_< I'm trying to get my dorm suite mates into it. I just sniped one of them from the bathroom. haha

Actually, you know what? Bill, Byron, Bobby Ross, and their room mate Frank seemed down for a Nerf war. Hell, Bill and Byron were down right excited about it. You should just plan to come up here some weekend. I'll get you in touch with Bill... They'd probably be cool with you crashing at their place. 48 hour nerf war.... bwahahaha


In Topic: Best Gun

05 October 2004 - 03:11 PM

You know what else is crazy? Posting in a nearly month old topic. I know it's your first post, so I'm just telling you that people don't like it when you post in a topic that's more than a few days old.

Oh, and don't use aim speak ex. lol jk jp u

Otherwise nice first post.

Yeah dude - I'm a total newbie biatch. I wasn't on NerfOnline like... 4 years ago or anything.

Nerf Psycho (Last updated in 2001)

I'm still active on other forums... I know how to conduct myself. If anyone SERIOUSLY gets upset when a thread is brought back from the dead, they have real issues and should seek professional help.


In Topic: Best Gun

05 October 2004 - 11:48 AM

Primary: love my old school sm1500
Sidearm: Dual lnl's. I just feel like a badass when i hold them.  B)

It's crazy that the Supermaxx1500 is now considered "old school" ... Remember the Larami1000?? Now THAT's old-school... How 'bout the SharpShooter :rolleyes:

Primary: My modded SM1500 ( well, last time I had a war at least... I sold this gun :( )
Sidearm: Didn't need one. SM1500 completely owned.

Then again, we all kind of quit Nerfing right when the Wildfire came out... That thing completely DOMINATED the indoor wars. I still remember that one time at my house, You, Nathan and I believe Kevin were in the fort in my living room. I came charging with the Wildfire through the living room while you guys were distracted by attackers in the kitchen. I wiped out your whole team in about 2 seconds. ;) LOL ... Fun times.