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Hornet modification

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Posted 20 May 2007 - 11:36 PM

PHEW. Well I brought this gun to the LCM tune-up but upon hooking it up to the paintball tank all I could hear was "PSHhshshshssssss". That noise gave me visions of having to burn this gun at the stake when I got home because of how frustrating it has been. But cooler heads prevailed (or I was just distracted with the amount of fun I was having at the war) and the gun was spared a premature death because I just set it aside.

I dissected it tonight and discovered that the blast trigger on the right side of the gun that had been giving me intermittent problems before has an off-center head that was tripping the internal valve in a way that was getting it stuck. So I promptly removed the button that trips the valve.
Doesn't affect the function of the gun and it's working fine again now. I just have to make a new clip for it that has shorter barrels.

5/21/07 Edit:
Fixed a tiny leak on the inside of the gun and did some testing with different barrel lengths today. Shorter barrels had no effect on ranges. Consistency has improved with 50 feet being the average at 20 pumps. This means I don't have to make a new clip.
I then added another plate to the clip mount on the front of the gun to improve the rigidity of the interface.
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