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Pump Action Sentinel Writeup (VGS Mk 2)

Pump action Sentinel BuzzBee Ultra tek rapid tek pistol grip

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Snoop Doggy doge

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Posted 07 December 2016 - 11:16 PM


I'm pretty late to doing this BUT, I got it done before Christmas.
Little late definitely since I made the original version as a prototype in a few hours back in like, March but it got war tested over a year, and heavily improved. Updates are a METAL priming bar, smoother prime and a pistol grip if you choose to add one. Not mandatory, and excessively complicated. 

Anyway, here's kinda what it would look like, I added on a side plate mount and a little bit of a few extra things for my self.

The original VGS Mk1 (as shown above) had been war tested heavily, brought on excessive ops and had about a few thousand shots fired through it. Not lying, I go to wars heavily lol. Nothing broke, and 2 months ago I added a secondary spring for fuck you power, I'm unaware of it's origin. So it's safe to say the janky version did just fine, this is the refined version that had about 100 shots put through it, seems fine right now and will be war tested soon at NYCNO 2.

This guide however, will help you make something like this
Also, I recommend completing the original Sentinel Mod guide and knock out the AR and stuff. 


/insert someone complaining about van talking too much here

What do you need?
Well you need 

-A sentinel 

-A recon/retaliator

-A metal flat bar (one used can be found here, any should work)
-An LS priming bolt (or any long thick screw near that size)
-epoxy putty (1 small canister)

-#6 flathead machine screws (like, at least 7?)

-6 in of 1 in PVC

-super glue

And for tools,

-dremel (cutting wheel and sanding drum)
-drill (with bits up to 1/2 in)
-soldering iron (don't ask)


-screw driver 
-Vice (preferably but I off handed a lot of it)

-Tap (would be nice but not neccesary)



All photos will have description BELOW the photo
(Some photos have been lost, like material and first steps but eh)



ughh slots. At least they're small



From here, you can assemble your sentinel and have a working pump action sentinel, kinda like the original. If you're satisfied, this is all you need. No need for a pistol grip, it is kinda weird to mount. 

However, here is the


Oh yea, to secure the other charging handle from falling out, wrap it with bit of etape if you're using an LS handle. 

Finished shots

More stuff later, 
Extensive folder of Sentinel in use in varying weather conditions, gameplay scenarios and iterations 
(primarily of Mk1 to prove a working concept)
Throughout 8 months from original mod to finalizing, this blaster has served at 16 official wars, been loaned out (to decently experienced people) countless extra pickup games and sketchy OPs, the VGS has served me as a workhorse primary that required little maintenance. {Mk2 footage here} While biased, I highly recommend making a VGS if you have an interest in any springer platform. 
{photo linked when Queue ends}

If you're not convinced this is a cool mod,

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#2 Snoop Doggy doge

Snoop Doggy doge

    Fig you, Van

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Posted 07 December 2016 - 11:23 PM

Additonal options : 

Extra U loop reinforcement


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#3 Tekkun harashima

Tekkun harashima


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Posted 08 December 2016 - 12:29 PM

For the union comerade, btw this is Kaleb
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