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The BuzzBee Reaper : Review and Internals guide

BuzzBee Reaper BuzzBee internals easy cheap mod

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Snoop Doggy doge

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Posted 19 September 2016 - 01:39 AM


BuzzBee Reaper. Fucking bitch to open but a flat head can get the orange piece off the front. 
More Aesthetic and a Kriss Vector sort of vibe from it. 
If anything, it should keep up the sort of hype BuzzBee had from the Sentinel with it's power and ease of use.
I'll quit wasting your time, onto the review and internals.

As always, descriptions of the photo will be BELOW the photo.
3 shots into owning this, and I'm already disassembling it lol

Screws on the right side of the shell. Use a flathead to pry off the nozzle by going under. Most of the adhesive on my model is on the left side of the blaster. 

and it's off. This is a bit annoying, and in reassembly I'm going to tap it so it's held in place with a screw or 

Don't leave the nozzle off, or a very important pin will fall out. That pin is essential for the function of the blaster, and a bit finicky. Be very fucking careful removing the shell halfs from another. 


BuzzBee and their retention plates. It's easy to remove with a flat head to pry off the grip plates and expose a hidden screw.



Internals. Again, be really careful lifting the shell up and apart because there's a lock pin up front that is like a dart tooth but opens on trigger pull. This is so the dart seats in the barrel. A smaller version compared to the Sentinels dart tooth and displayed on the Champion and BuzzBee M16. The internals are nearly identical to the Champions


Up close of rear near the trigger group. A bit hard to see but similar to the rest of the Ultra Tek springer blasters.


Up close of the front. Trigger pulled, so the "dart tooth: is down. Be careful disassembling because some of the pieces are finicky and loose. Don't fuck with this if you don't have to

This piece is finicky as fuck. I said don't take it out, now it's a hassle to put it in. ;) 


spring mount has a larger flared plate, seems like it can accommodate a larger spring. Maybe easier to put a larger spring on? Didn't test.


lockbox. Just a trigger lock, can't disassemble but easily removable or reinstalled. Easy to remove and put back, which is cool and nice. If you want to remove it, up to you but I took it out just for de-priming reasons. 

Comparisons to BuzzBee Sentinel Parts 


Alright, now I stuck my dick in the reaper. It's cool, but there's not too much of a reason too. Maybe There will be a different styled mag release, because this is push up only ;c  but with all the dead space, I bet you can put cool shit in there. I will release a pump action Reaper guide soon though.  


primed and ready to get triggered. I re assembled my reaper in this format to leave the pin in position because it's finicky. 



Grip taped like FUCK for extreme tactics and accenting purposes, with a mechanix glove for extra grip to hold onto all these operator tactics. Don't tell me you didn't cum looking at this, you know you did.  

Demonstrated with a high capacity assault magazine  and duct tape holding the front nozzle on. Worked at a war, 

​A successor to the BuzzBee Champion and competitor to retaliator and other spring powered pistol mag fed blasters.
Pistol grip is comfy, somethingsomething stereotypical bobo/coop/drac thing to comment on.

-Decent power, but first complaint, mag well sux.

-A lot harder to load into, I wish it was a little more flared but it's a little finicky to deal with. Obviously, drums don't work with this because mag sidewalls are can't accommodate that. You CAN hack out some parts of the reaper so you could, but like, why. You may as well should've got a champion if you wanted to do that because it's really similar. 

-Another thing is the mag release, 3/10 derp release, can't even use it as a paddle. However I might do a side release or something. A transitional reload is kinda hard BUT you can do a gross motor skill reload. (I done it lol) 

Pretty sub-optimal, looks cool as fuck without the mag. 

I could see a cosplay use for cheap vector and just bolting shit to it and covering exposed magwell.


I'm thinking about adding a little nylon as a bolt/charging handle on the slide like a racegun.

I'm use PVC fitting on the front to make it pump action. Also a stock probably on the back would be doable, I would do it just so other people can replicate it. However that defeats the point of the reaper because close quarter extreme tight tactics, and I would use my sentinel, but I have a really close tight quarter war which is what I picked this up for. 

If you really like the aesthetic you should pick one up but IMO the champion is more practical and better because it adapts all mags, has a less derpy mag release and I think cheaper. Also you could get a holster for it but ehh.
Reaper definitely looks cooler, which is what I'm going for because really close quarter pistol tactics. It has good power and I used it stock at NYCNO for a round with DX, I definitely enjoyed it, along with all the other people who decided to borrow it. Not a bad pickup, and something glorious from BuzzBee as always. 


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#2 Snoop Doggy doge

Snoop Doggy doge

    Fig you, Van

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Posted 23 September 2016 - 01:46 AM

Hey guess what!
You can make your Reaper Pump Action HERE!!!

This is also reserved to link to anything else I do to the reaper, like charging handle and stock. 

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