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#26 flyingchicken



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Posted 27 July 2014 - 06:02 PM

I don't care if nobody else recaps, I've gotta do it for the sake of posterity.

+ Good sized turnout; 15 people on the field consistently
+ A few new people showed up; Swirvey, Chris, Chris, and 'Bama Boy. We were glad to have you!
+ Most people brought some sort of protection from the sun, resulting in a fantastic maze of shade.
+ Seeing how much Chenanio has not only grown, but how much he's evolved as a Nerfer. We were all very impressed.
+ Tuna evolved into Salmon!
+ Got in a ton of Nerfing
+ Bobo's rainbow pistol is NOT a pistol
+ Loaning out my wonderfully named NFs for the day
+ Receiving some lovely Crossbow internals, and giving something special in return
+ Team Chicken winning our last ever wingman pistols round.
+ NoM and I continuing our Robot Mind Control domination
+ Aidan's bow and its ungodly spring power
+ Zax showed up; team old-school unfortunately not happening
+ The one Conga Line Freeze Tag round turning into something rather intense.
+ Mellow trying to lay on me during Freeze Tag, while I kick his barrels in return
+ The community dart boxes really came in handy; lots of people including myself took a few handfuls out of it to get through the day.
+ Last war that I dress up for; it was a nice gimmick, but it's run its course (especially in this goddamn weather)
+ Running the serpentine pattern with Zax
+ Aidan absolutely destroying me. I was expecting a glorious duel, not a slaughter!
+ Quick, 1 life pistol rounds
+ Driving to dinner and seeing the perfect place to host my war later this year
+ Chocolate strawberries, and hopefully the most homoerotic table that poor woman has ever waited on

+/- The weather. Sunny, no rain, little wind, but holy fuck was it hot.
+/- Wildcard is fun and all, but we play A LOT of it.
+/- Bobo's pistol breaking

- Everything broke, lol. Seriously need to rethink my war arsenal
- Also need to rethink my overall war strategy
- The usual post-war soreness
- My dad's last war

If you didn't make it to this one, you seriously missed out.
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Posted 28 July 2014 - 01:00 AM

All you other weenies better get to recappin.

+ Seeing how much Chenanio has not only grown, but how much he's evolved as a Nerfer. We were all very impressed.

I fucking love you.

+ Driving to dinner and seeing the perfect place to host my war later this year

And because of that, if you have it without me I will probably cry for several hours.

- My dad's last war

As if that alone didn't have me crying enough.
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#28 Lord Draconical

Lord Draconical


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Posted 28 July 2014 - 12:01 PM

Cant believe this is only the third recap...

+All the young nerfers in the south are growing up, getting legs and keeping pace with me.
+All those tents keeping the sun off an otherwise cloudless day
+I just assume its like this everywhere, but everyone is so willing to share gatorades/water/ect. Our group is fantastic.
+Playing with a speedloader has improved my headshot targeting, keep wearing that eye protection.
+EOC and I bringing the dream team back together, our swag is fantastic.
+Draculina nerfing hard throughout the day, warms my undead heart.
+Mobstacles, nothing like em.
+Modman gets his own shoutout, he came to us a child, but is working hard to rival our own NoM for the title of homemade champion of the world. Between the homemade helicopters that dumped darts and the quality of blasters hes been cranking out, I expect many great things into the future.
+Chenanio, travels further for our wars than any nerfer ever and still finds the time to bring us the cheapest crap. <3
+Mellow's lightest stryfe in the world. The draculina wont put it down.
+Bobo and NoM, I step away from the hobby for a year, and they fight for me, defend me, and protect my place so I can come back home like nothings changed. They are fine nerfers, but even finer friends.
+ chickfilalunch #traditions
+Giant box in the raffle, lol EoC, "Why do you buy this stuff at thrift stores", "Im asking myself the same thing right now"
+ THIS VIDEO, finally tried editing.

-Obligatory heat/sunlight comment, could do with less UV in my life
-So many blasters means having to scramble to find the proper barrels, hoppers, ect...can be a bit frustrating at times.
+/- The fanbois, I love my viewers, but I hoped that the starstruck nature would wear off after about an hour, alas it was not to be.
-a bit more downtime than I'd have liked
-The video goggles amplify the heat/humidity in a way that can only be described as hellacious.
-The Old Guy's last war. Its the end of an era, if you don't make regular appearances in the future, I will be very saddened.
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#29 Swirvey



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Posted 03 August 2014 - 06:34 PM


+my first nerf war
+doing an accidental barrel roll in a wildcard round
+meeting a bunch of great people
+almost hitting Bobo with my recon
+plenty of shade
+no sunburn
+seeing chicken's barrels fall off
+learning that stock blasters are definitely not good enough (I WILL be ready next time)
+/-Congo line freeze tag
+/-the weather
-losing my sword several times
-I only had stock blasters
-I probably didn't actually hurt anyone
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Posted 07 August 2014 - 09:28 PM

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Posted 31 January 2015 - 12:32 AM

do u sell your southeast slugs at your wars. i might be coming to your next nomne from washington state


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#32 HaruHaru



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Posted 11 July 2015 - 02:45 PM

-snip- saw it was old. Sorry.

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