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Game Types and Rules for Nerf Wars

Written and compiled by People Who Actually Nerf

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#51 Love777



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Posted 02 January 2015 - 04:32 PM

I really appreciate this thread and it has given my group a lot of good new ideas. So here is a contribution game we commonly play in "South" Florida:


You need:

- A bag of potatoes ( 9 total potatoes needed)
- 15 colored cones
- Some caution tape or anything similar
- 3 different colored bandannas to indicate teams
- At least 15 players and 1 mod

The game works best in a big open field. Basically you form a triangle with a circle in the middle. Each team (3) has a base at the point of the triangle in which they are trying to gain 5 potatoes at their base to win the game. However, they only start with 1. The rest of the potatoes (usually around 5-6) are hidden in the area of the triangle or of course are at opposing teams bases. When you pick up a potato you no longer are able to fire your blaster and in the event that you are shot you must drop your potato. No player can hold more than 1 potato at a time. It is single shot death and the circle made in the middle of the triangle is a delayed respawn. Every 30 seconds the mod who is at the circle will release all players for them to spawn back in the game. So when you get tagged there is a strong incentive to go to the respawn quickly because if you are walking toward the circle but not physically in it the respawn doesn't apply. When exiting the respawn players are unable to shoot or be shot for 5 seconds. Game ends when 1 team manages to get 5 potatoes.

We tend to see a lot of variety as far as tactics with sometimes a team slowly accumulating and they win without you noticing and other times there is a massive sweep and a team gets wiped and all of their potatoes stolen at once. It is easily our favorite game type down here and we play multiple rounds every war. Enjoy it at your next war.
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#52 The Supreme One

The Supreme One


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Posted 13 January 2015 - 05:31 PM

So modded guns are "legal," so to speak?
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#53 fbt



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Posted 06 February 2015 - 07:37 PM

Ok,so me and my friends play this inside the house so I don't how it will work if you play this outside. Ever since we made this game, we started playing it almost every week. So I think it's really good.


Team Setup: The members of the teams have to be chosen at random. You write the names of all the players on small pieces of paper and fold them (make sure you fold them in a way that the name cannot be seen), you get a a normal piece of paper and make 3 columns or more (depending on the number of players). You write above every column Alliance 1 then Alliance 2, 3..loners..etc. You mix the papers and randomly place them in the columns. Then of course you unfold them and see where each player is.

People: As many people as needed. Ex: if there are 9 people, it means that every 3 will be in a team + if there aren't enough people then there will be a group of loners.Ex:If there are 8 ppl then there every 3 will still have be in a team but the other 2 will not be together and will fight on there own and be called loners. You cannot have 2 teams fighting against eachother from the beginning of the game, they have to be more than 2 teams.

Rules: This is not a game of teams but a game of alliances. You have to stay with the members of your alliance, you cannot abandon them unless they both die. You are allowed to kill the members of your alliance, you are even allowed to kill yourself. If you are alone then you can join other alliances. If they have 3 members you cannot join them unless one of them dies. You can also join any person who is left alone and be an alliance of two.

Goal: You or your alliance have to kill all the other alliances to win. Basically the last person or alliance standing wins.

The Loners: They are the ones who from the beginning did not get chosen to be in alliance so they were left to fight alone. These loners can join together and make an alliance if they want. They can also join other alliances who have lost one of their members.

Warning: Be careful! You cannot trust anyone! even the members of your alliance.This game is an intense game of deciete,treachery,evil...what ever you want to call it.There will always be the chance that You will get shot by the members of your alliance so always watch your back!

I hope you guys try this game because it's a really great game. Please tell me if you think it's good and please please tell me if you actually try it out. I really want to know how it works out for other people. My friends and I have made lots of games so if you want to know more game ideas just ask :).
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#54 CaliforniaPants



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Posted 06 February 2015 - 09:45 PM

What's stopping someone on each team from killing their teammates every time and turning it into a 3 man deathmatch? Odds are good with a varied group of people there would be someone on each team with that mindset every round. In addition if both teams actually decide to work together the loaners are at a disadvantage every time, and then one person in the team would just hold back till they killed everyone else then kill their teammates to be the ultimate winner.
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trans as shit because fuck you

#55 Conith



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Posted 20 March 2015 - 10:38 AM

Knockout Juggernaut

Secondary Game Type

As the title suggests this game is a combination of the basketball game Knockout and the Juggernaut fps scenario. The players (everyone except the Juggernaut) are the ones taking on the Knockout game structure with the Juggernaut being the target. The players may have 2 or so lives and the Juggernaut has as many lives as all the players combined. The goal is to be the last person standing.

Game Play: There are only 2 players active in the battle zone at any time and players enter one after another. If the player who was active first doesn't hit the juggernaut first, he loses a life and goes to the back of the line of players. If he does hit the juggernaut first, then he doesn't lose a life and goes to the back of the line. If the Juggernaut hits either of the two active players, that player loses a life and joins the line. Each time a player leaves the battle zone another enters. The Juggernaut/players die when they get hit enough to run out of lives.

This allows for a game that isn't super predictable and anybody can win. One of the optional things is to allow the active players to hit each other, either way is fun. If the juggernaut dies before the players then you can either quit there or turn it into a cycle of one on one, which could be a bit boring.
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#56 The Punisher

The Punisher


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Posted 02 July 2015 - 10:36 PM

I would like to offer a suggestion for Ultimate Core penetration. At Armageddon it didn't really seem to work with so many people on one team. What about limiting the teams to 5+1 (+1 being the ultimator)? Make a little more of a speed game and less of a stand off/ ammo dump game.
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#57 parabellum1262



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Posted 17 May 2016 - 05:39 AM

17 game modes!


I'm into rubber band guns rather than Nerf guns which is why I compiled this list of rbg game modes. I thought they could quite easily work for Nerf guns too. It's a 3-page document so a bit much to write in full, but here's an excerpt:

Night raid:
▬ Raider is armed with tactical light, assault rifle and pistol. Defeated by headshot.
Campers have 1 minute to hide at start of round with 1 weapon each. Defeated by bodyshot.
The raider’s weapons should be much better than those of the campers. E.g. a raider with a Retaliator and campers with a Nite Finder.
Reverse gun game:
All guns divided into two balanced stockpiles at each team’s spawn.
When a player is shot or runs out of ammo, they place their gun in a discard pile and pick up another.
Whichever team empties their stockpile loses.
Players carry 1 gun at a time.
This requires at least a few guns per player.


Go here to download the full document:



Many of these were inspired by existing game modes but I'm hoping it may contain enough ideas to be worthy of your time! 

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#58 Rommel McDonald

Rommel McDonald


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Posted 21 November 2016 - 10:55 PM

A while back several friends and I created a beginners guide/strategy/survival guide for Humans Vs Zombies. It covers some of the basic HvZ rules, tips on load-outs, formations and movement as well as suggestions and strategies for several mission types. We have found it extremely beneficial for the purpose of getting HvZ beginners up to speed quickly.


This seemed to be the most relevant thread for this subject - I did not think it warrants its own new/separate thread.


While we still need to update the formatting and resubmit it to allow use on iphones, it is available for FREE download at Smashwords in several formats; epub, mobi(kindle),pdf, lrf and pdb. We touched base with the guys over at HvZ Source and they asked that we do not use the terms "HvZ" or "Humans vs Zombies" in any product or publication, due to copyright concerns. With this in mind, throughout the guide we refer to HvZ generically as "Zombie Tag".


Here's the overview from Smashwords:

In NERF Zombie Tag games, Zombies don’t need to be alert like humans do; they have stun timers. This is The Zombie Apocalypse, Life or Death, 'One and Done' -- once you are tagged and infected you are out for the duration, stuck being a Zed. This cannot be stressed enough. For players who have invested a lot of time and preparation into their NERF gear and load-out, a tag early in the game can be heart breaking. Don’t let this be you - or your squad mates.

“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

The Zombie Tag Survival Guide – Human Field Manual is your most powerful weapon against the unceasing and relentless undead horde. Based on and adapted from US Army and USMC methodology, this book covers all the basic essentials a Zombie Tag player or Squad of Human Players needs to know to not only survive, but achieve ultimate human victory in a NERF Zombie Tag game. Utilizing trusted, proven tips from years of NERF combat experience, The Zombie Tag Survival Guide is a treasure trove of tactical and strategic information, including how to gear up as a beginner, how to organize effective human fire teams and squads, the most effective formations and movement strategies, and how to keep you and your squad mates alive in any organized Zombie Tag game.

Don’t be caught half-stepping into battle unprepared. This is a book that will save not only your own life, but possibly holds the key to ultimate victory for all of humanity.


Zombie Tag Survival Guide: Human Field Manual

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