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Hell Before Halloween 5

Listen to them. Children of the night. What music they make.

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Posted 21 October 2011 - 07:54 AM

Prepare yourselves...

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Posted 25 October 2011 - 09:38 PM

Nobody posts recaps (edited in light of Curly: on Nerfhaven) anymore?

Angel put on a pretty great war, keeping rounds going at a good pace (especially through the morning), and it was nice to have a dart sweep every once in a while...especially for most of us from the USA, who either made too few or used way too many.

I would have preferred a couple more "deathmatches" (3-15 or otherwise) to, say, Monster Mash, but it was a nice change of pace to have some objective rounds at a large-scale war.

360 core was my favorite objective round (team orange/no shirt FTW), with Ryan (way-cooler-than-McNumbers) unexpectedly carrying our team by actually focusing on the objective rather than getting caught up shooting people. Kudos to him.

I know we didn't hit the hoped-for attendance of 80+, but I feel that we were in a really good middle ground between the insanity of APOC (not knocking it...but it is pretty crazy) and a small local war. It was a good mix of skill and, at the same time, having plenty of bodies to fill out every team.

A special thanks to Angel for picking me (randomly, of course) for the chance to win an SM1K. I couldn't believe I did so well given that my PAS shoots ~70feet: I had to arc every shot, and I was going against at least two singled big blasts (can't remember the 4th player's blaster). I had considered asking to borrow one of the LGLF's +bows, but I doubt I could aim a blaster I would have only picked up a few seconds before.

That just goes to show that it's not just the blaster, but the nerfer/experience that will get you through.

Cranky's shoulder massages don't hurt, either.

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Posted 25 October 2011 - 09:48 PM

Nobody posts recaps anymore?

We do, just on Canadiannerfers.ca, it's where we do most Canadian war and trading stuff, as it has less foreign traffic.
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Posted 25 October 2011 - 11:54 PM

Nobody posts recaps (edited in light of Curly: on Nerfhaven) anymore?

I indeed was also wondering when someone would review it, but nobody seemed to be interested on here. I was going to post tonight anyway.

I know I beat heavily on JWasko's ear with this, but it needs said. Toronto Airport Hilton is a shitbox with pretty wrapping paper. NEVER stay here, unless you like wasting money.

back on topic
-Not sure how I felt about "Tower Defense". It's a good game, but I think it needs some blaster restrictions for safety. Just my (welted) opinion though.
-Losing ALL of my darts before the day was half over (had all of 6 darts left after 360 core, which were probably scavenged during the round.
-Broken blasters (My crossbow stopped using the 2nd catch, and my 1500 sprung an improbable leak)
-Leaving the marks I know I did on JLego, and the ones I probably left on Langley
-Taking more face shots in 2 rounds than I did in my previous 4 wars combined, but it happens.
--- Chipped lens in my glasses as a result of a face shot.
--- Not understanding how that goddamned buffet worked until it was waaaay too late.

++Well executed and smoothly run war. Thank you a lot Angel, k10, and all others who helped with the running of a wonderful war.
+A place other than Pittsburgh who bans slug darts
+Playing with a very diverse team in terms of skill levels and proficiencies.
+Not phoning it in during Slaughter, and actually contributing to the Vet's win.
+++After Party!
+++Getting to tell the AT4play story at the after party.
++Meeting some awesome Canadian nerfers, and SGM (who it seems so improbable that this was our first meeting, since we only live about an hour apart.)
++Kicking it with our "kissin' cousin" clan, the LGLF
++Completely funding my trip by selling blasters after my debit card was declined and therefore had no spare money.
++Getting a LnL after wanting one for a year+
+Getting a very strange PAS on the way to Canada (it has a functional safety, yeah, on a PAS)
+360 Core was awesome.
+Winning a Wildfire to share with JWasko

I definitely want to come back soon. At this rate I'll have to start saving a year in advance to make all the trips to various regions each season. (Apoc, Hb4H, and eventually 'Geddon)

P.S.:If anyone can put me in touch with the CA nerfer that I sold the Sawtooth to, I'd appreciate it. I forgot to get his name, and thus when I find the clip, won't know where to send it.

(might edit more in later)

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Posted 26 October 2011 - 08:04 AM

At this point there is only really 7 or so recaps on Canadian Nerfers, so I will move mine over here as well.

First and foremost, I would like to thank Angel and K-10 for putting on an amazing war, you 2 never fail to deliver a good time. I HAD A FUCKING BLAST!

-Going to HBH5, an obvious first pro.

-Seeing all the regulars again, miss you guys in those long periods of no nerf.

-Americans! All of you fucking rock, and you guys (and girl) need to make it up for more wars.

-Winning headhunters, I only actually shot one person, all the others where taps, but it was Butter's for the win, the best person to shoot if you only shoot one person.

-"Sword fight" with the hungry Colonel, at one point he wound up with my blaster, and I had to pull out my "dagger" (pistol) to save my ass. I really hope that made it onto somebody's video camera, it was funny as hell and I want to see what it looked like to everybody else.

-Butters climbing to the top of the playground and challenging all, next thing I hear "this is a REAL slide cam" only to turn around to see him sliding down the slide and yelling "WHEEEEE", I was on the ground literally laughing my ass off after that.

-Not getting shot once while defending in Tower Defense, I have found my sweet spot for that, and you can't have it, no it's not the bulldozers.

-Being late, but still on time.

-K9 cookout

-Shooting defenders through that cloth stuff in tower defense.

-Getting a Ultimator, motorized Ballzooka, and a Jolt from Buffdaddy.

-Getting a big ass bag of stock ammo from Angel, it pretty much doubled the amount of stock darts I have.

-No problems with the obstacles, and lots of offers to help set them up, makes me want to make more.

-Bookworm's Librarian worked great in it's first war, which is even better because mine broke.

-The LGLF proving that it is possible to make an awesome entrance in a station wagon.

-Taking out most of Angels team in 360 core, only to have the favor returned by him while I was stuck reloading.


-After party, so much fun I cant even begin to describe it.

-Random food just coming out to us at the Sushi buffet place.

-Grizzly letting Bookworm and myself crash at his place.

-Going to a place know for its breakfast the next morning and getting a delicious hamburger.

-Stopping at the Big Apple on the way home, Caution, Rabbits are wild and may bite if handled, please do not touch. Best sign ever.

Not so super:

-XIII blowing up a stefan on my forehead in headhunters.

-DoomCheyner broke, in the same way it did at Massacre 5, and somehow managed to suck a dart into the plunger tube.

-Could not hit the right part of the core if my life depended on it, I even managed to score a point for the yellow team, while being right in front of my side.

-No shows, what the fuck people, 30 or so of you? That's just ridiculous.

-Speed bumps at the park apparently did not go well with my muffler strap, realized after stopping at the Big Apple that my muffler was only being held up by the exhaust pipe. Luckily I work at a lumber yard, so I was able to use a lumber bander to fix it.

I'm most likely forgetting stuff, there was just too much awesome to keep track of it all.
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