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Blastfire Speedloader

Blastfire Speedloader

This item will speed up the reload of your CPVC or Brass modded Blast Fire. Basically, you need:

CPVC Stubs

Now, to construction. First, cut the 1/2" PVC into 2.75" sections. Sand/carve out the inside edge of each piece round, for later. Now, cut the CPVC into 3cm sections (approx. 1"). Now, for insertion. Put 1 CPVC stub into the back of each 1/2" PVC piece, using the hammer (careful!), or better, the Stationary Clamp (much easier/safer). Now, take the Dremel or sandpaper, and taper out the first 1/2" or so of the inside of the PVC. Basically, make it sloped inwards, so it has a wider inner diameter at the edge, and goes slowly smaller as it goes inwards, and back to it's normal diameter about one half inch in. This isn't a measurement-specific step, so go by feel.

Now, attach each little "shell" to your Blast Fire's CPVC or brass barrels, lining them up with each other. You can always take a straight edge to the back of the shells, and make sure they line up. Make sure they line up with the barrels, too, and with each other (you really have to eye this step). Now, when they are all lined up nice and symmetrically, pour little layers of hotglue between each barrel, until you can bridge/fill the gap between each with the hotglue. Do this carefully, and avoid drips. Once the gaps between each barrel are filled, you can keep as is, or use a bit of duct tape to make sure the barrels keep together. Also, in case of small barrel alignment flaws, you may want to mark the side that was up when the whole shell apparatus was attached to the barrels.

Speedloader Parts

Now, take the block of wood, and use the scrollsaw/hacksaw to cut it to approximately the same size as the end of the shell apparatus (from the outside of the outermost shell to the other outermost shell X the outer diameter of the PVC). Give a bit more space than the exact dimensions of the back end of the shell apparatus, just in case. Now, you want to take the 7/16" drill, and drill where each CPVC hole lines up with the wood block. You can do this with a Sharpie and a drill press, by placing the shell apparatus up to the wood block (CPVC end first), inserting the Dharpie into each shell, and moving it in broad circles, marking the center for drilling, or, for a better way, press the shell apparatus to the block CPVC end first, hold tightly, and put in the stationary clamp, lightly clamping the wood to the shell apparatus (tapered end of shells on one end, block on other), leaving two shells exposed. Take a power drill, and insert it into the CPVC at the back, make sure the drill bit is aligned with the shell, and drill about 1cm or less into it. Repeat for each shell, making sure the shell apparatus never moves on the block by holding them together tightly.

Now, just cut the 7/16" wood dowel into 5 3" pieces on the scrollsaw (low speed), or with a hacksaw. Make sure they are all the same size, for good measure. Insert one into each of the block's holes. Now, remove one, and put a bit of Elmer's Glue on one end of the dowel piece, and insert back into the drilled hole on the block of wood. Now, put the shell apparatus over it, CPVC end first, to make sure the whole thing lines up when it dries. Repeat for the other 4 dowel pieces.

Take the larami barrel springs, and stretch each to about 3" in length. Once everything dries, put them on the woodblock/dowel prong thing, and put the shell apparatus over that, CPVC end first. Done! You may want to grab some fabric strap, or vinyl electrical tape, or something, and put it over each end of the wood block to the shell apparatus part, to make sure the wood prong part doesn't pop out when you pull the speedloader off the CPVC barrels. The pic above doesn't have that yet, for display purposes. Insert some mini stefans into each shell, and enjoy!

An Actual Blastfire Speedloader

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