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Nerf Blastfire

Nerf BlastFire

Nerf Blastfire

Blastfire brass barrel mod:

Disclaimer: Much of this has been done before. Props to YakMan for his excellent mods site.

My goal was to replace the stock barrels on the Blastfire with brass tubing and increase the working pressure of the air system. The barrels are brass tubing as found in hobby shops (sold as 9/16" OD) and they fit micro stefans nicely.


Saw off the barrel tips

<DON'T DO THIS>First I did the standard pump tube release valve plug with hot glue.</DON'T DO THIS> This gets the gun up to decent pressure levels and keeps you from wasting air during rapid pumping. Next I cut about an inch off the end of the barrels. Needlenose pliers and an exacto knife took care of the air restrictor x's and posts in the barrel stubs. Be careful not to stick anything into the little hole in the back of the barrel. The whole gun will be useless if you damage the valve.

Note: I broke the pump by plugging the release valve. The way the NEW Blastfires are made, hotgluing the release valve screws up the check valve in the pump. So DON'T plug it if you have the new (full box) version.

Cut out the air restrictors

Next I cut some 6" brass barrels and sanded the inside of the existing barrel stubs until they fit in perfectly. I epoxied the barrels in, then put a bead of hot glue around the joint after it dried. The epoxy is good for strength but don't expect it to be an airtight bond - the hot glue prevents leaks.

New barrels epoxied in place

Next I cut sections of 5/8" ID poly tubing to protect the brass and (hopefully) prevent tarnishing. After sliding the poly tubing over the new barrels, I stuck the old barrel tips over the end of the brass. It keeps the barrels straight and protects them from abuse.

Shields up

Put it all back together and you have a much better performing Blastfire. Doesn't look too bad either.



I'll range test it in a few days and update with some numbers. Subjective analysis in my backyard suggests that it should be good for at least 70' flat, and the accuracy is greatly enhanced.



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