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In Topic: Nerf War Etiquette

28 May 2007 - 03:22 PM

Nice article, very well-detailed and to the point. I especially like the paragraph on dead people helping teammates or gathering ammo, you addressed it well. Since you stated that you are taking suggestions, I have one along the lines of dead people can't help/harm teammates or opponents.

I've never been to any of the wars listed on NerfHaven.com (though I've always wanted to), so this rule may not apply to the way y'all play. Sometimes during a battle, someone needs to call a "time out", for whatever reason (injury, need to leave for work, etc.). During a "time out", sometimes people will go collect ammo, reload their gun, or try to maneuver themselves to a more protected location on the field of play. In Austin we don't allow this, a "time out" means stop all play, address the issue for which the "time out" was called, then back to where you were to resume the battle the way it was when it was stopped. I know this may not apply, but it's just an issue we've had here in Texas and I hope it's of use to those who regularly participate in Nerf Wars.

In Topic: All Purpose Movie Topic

03 March 2005 - 03:52 AM

Wow, a lot of good stuff has been thrown out there. I'll try to list what hasn't already been mentioned. Saw was Ok, the only thing was that the acting started to fall apart towards the end, and everybody in the theater started to laugh at the film. I felt sorry for the guy from The Princess Bride (which is a great movie, by the way).

I also like:
Better Off Dead
Grosse Pointe Blank (Kick ass movie)
Dawn of the Dead (The newest one)
Indiana Jones Trilogy
Top Gun
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest
Tommy Boy
Black Sheep
Full Metal Jacket
GI JOE The Movie (shut up, I was huge GI JOE fan)
True Lies
The Blues Brothers (not 2000, that one is a disgrace)

Just about every James Bond film, especially:
Live and Let Die
The Spy Who Loved Me
For Your Eyes Only
From Russia With Love
Dr. No
You Only Live Twice
Most people don't remember it, but On Her Majesty's Secret Service is worth watching, and the only Bond movie with George Lazenby playing Bond. It's also the only one in which James Bond gets married.

I left out Die Another Day because it just sucked. So did The Man With the Golden Gun.

In Topic: Most Influential In Online Nerf History?

03 March 2005 - 03:13 AM

My first ever Nerf war was with my older brother, David. He was the first one to get me and my friends and his friends to an organized Nerf war in our house. He was the first person that I knew of to modify darts to make them more accurate and fly farther. My friend Adam (Nerf Psycho from NO) was the first to show me how to modify Nerf guns. Then there's my nephew Ryan, who got me back into nerfing and ultimately influenced me to get back into the Nerf forums.

Then my family got AOL, and Adam and I both joined NO. It seemed that everyone was talking about this "bad-ass Nerfer" who was like 20 or something. That was Spoon. That made me think "People are still into Nerf when their 20? Hell yeah!"

So there it is. My brother and my nephew, who nobody else on here knows. Nerf Psycho, who I'm sure a few people on here remember from NO. And then there's Spoon, that guy that everybody seemed to be in awe of.

I went into a little too much detail there, sorry.

In Topic: Ages Of Nerfers

03 March 2005 - 02:54 AM

19, 20 on November 1.

Coors all the way. Silver Bullet! That beer has always been there for me. Good times, good times.

I also like Corona, that stuff is good with pizza. Keystone also has its' place as the official "college beer" of most Texas colleges and universities. Especially Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches. I visited my brother there for the weekend and parties with his frat out on "the land"...I still can't remember what happened on that first night. Uh oh...

In Topic: I Love Gw!

17 February 2005 - 05:46 AM

I remember watching "The Daily Show", where they brought up a clip from 2003. A Whitehouse spokesperson was saying what the cost of the war AND reconstruction would be. He stated that the planned budget would be 1.75 billion, and that no more money would be necessary for the aftermath.

What are we up to now, about 200 billion? I love how "The Daily Show" digs up old stuff to make people look like asses.

About the whole bumper sticker thing - "The Kerry/Edwards '04" thing is over. We're in a new year with the same President. How about a new bumper sticker? Something like "Bush Sucks" or "Kerry '08" could make people look smarter and less lazy. But hey, people can do whatever they want. It's just something that gets on my nerves.