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In Topic: Drawing On Swift5d

27 July 2004 - 08:15 PM

thats pretty sweet but i want to know the range nice design

In Topic: Hey Check Out My New Site

13 July 2004 - 07:15 PM

Got to say its a good start cant wait to see more

In Topic: More Love From Hasrbo

13 July 2004 - 07:06 PM

you know the hornet is almost like the bf except differnt pant job and hope it has a bigger air tank.

But that is so frecking sweet and i love you baby.

In Topic: Best Machine Gun

13 July 2004 - 02:48 PM

sorry my friend worte pc is best i think that wildfire is best rof

In Topic: Best Machine Gun

13 July 2004 - 02:03 PM

PC all the way with extra clips