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01 October 2007 - 12:36 PM

BanThis! Is a site that has been remade after a shutdown a couple years ago. Right now the forum is starting to become active as the site is being finished. I suggest you check it out.


New Plunger Gun Idea

27 September 2007 - 01:11 PM


It would be too hard for me to explain in words so heres a picture:
Posted Image

::Keep in mind this is all cylindrical::

So the green is your barrel, the red i guess would be a casing or housing. The black is actualy what your plunger is with the spring behind it. So the plunger is cocked at the front and is released and is pushed twords the back by the spring it pushes the air forwarward around and into the dart which is that grey block with the blue tip. The air evenly hits the dart around in a circle

A problem i can see with this is that you need a large diffrence between the barrel OD and the housing ID to get a big enough tank of air so your gun might be a little thick but i guess its a better alternative to having that ugly plunger handle sticking out the back.

So there ya go

Lbb And 2x At2k Integration

23 April 2007 - 02:06 PM

I have allways wanted to make a good integration. So I collected a few guns and started hacking away.
Along the way I had some good ideas that turned out pretty well

Guns used:


First I had to decide how i wanted it to work. Do i want them all to have seperate triggers? Do I want them to fire all at once? Finaly I decided on having the LBB fire on its own trigger and have the 2 at2ks fire together on a second trigger. So I went about adding a handle for the new trigger. I thought it came out quite nicely.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Seemed pretty flush with the case and I made sure it was sturdy cause its going to take a heavy beating.

So now I had to decide how I wanted to make the trigger fire the two at2ks. I knew the at2k trigger went around the pump handle but I knew I defenatly wasant going to fit two pump handles up there. I realized I allready had a tube to put it around. The LBB barrel went right through there.
Posted Image

Now I had to find some way to pull the pins back on both of the at2k chaimbers at once. This was simple enough. I took the pin pull mechanism from each gun and put them 180 degrees from eachother on the same orange trigger circle.
Posted Image

I wanted this to be easy to use so with a little case modding I was able to fit both handles parralell to the LBB one so i could pump them all together and easily release the at2k pumps to pump the LBB the rest of the way.
Here it is all together:
Posted Image

I still need to do all the cosmetic work on it like closing all the gaps and make it look nicer. I also need to add on the barrels to them. I was pretty happy with how it came out. It was fun to do also. I am not one to make up silly names for these types of things... so I wont. I would also appreciate if nobody else did either.

Titan Barrel Stabilizer

24 March 2007 - 06:25 PM

It seemed weird to make a topic just for this but its so useful I can't leave it alone and all the topics where this wound work in are dead. So I added some pictures.

When doing any single titan mod like ompas the barrel is allways kinda flimsy and its hard to shoot straight with a flimsy barrel. So you stabilize it. Theres many things you can do but I found this super effective and realy easy, not as messy as stuffing stuff around the barrel. This is hard to mess up. You just take a cap from a Vitamin Water bottle and viola! It clips on perfectly around the titans missle barrel. Just drill a hole in the center the width of the od of youre barrel material and its perfectly straight. Im sure similar bottle caps will work like ones on sobe life water, powerade, gatorade but im %100 sure Vitamin Water is a perfect fit.

As promised:
Posted Image
Posted Image

Tim And Erics Awesome Show

20 March 2007 - 06:41 PM

(this seemed like the best place to post this topic)

For many people who ive talked to, this show was highly anticipated. It looked like it was going to be a funny green screen comedy show. It turned out after watching the first few episodes that I personaly hated it. All that antisipation for nothing. Sure some parts were funny but not "LoL" funny. Anyone else have the same reaction? Post youre opinions here. If this show dosent air near you just search youtube, they got a bunch of their stuff.