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In Topic: Dart Spinning (rifling) Test Rig

27 August 2009 - 07:39 PM

Can we add to the rules, "Please don't sign up if you would like to talk about rifling nerf darts." Would save people a lot of trouble.

Of course I'm just kidding but threads like this only bring <_< to mind. I do give you credit for actually trying... at least I think I should. If you read all the "debate" threads that don't seem like much of a debate to me they would probably dissuade you from trying something like this. Its always fun to see people testing new things... but maybe put your time to something practical, I'd hate to see time go to waste

In Topic: New Plunger Gun Idea

27 September 2007 - 04:32 PM

Why move it further back? The plungers range of motion is that whole area all the way to the back of the gun. I guess the posission(sp?) it is now is cocked. and while its moving forward more air gets pushed and the legnth of your barrel makes the dart get pushed forward the whole duration of the air flow.

If i connected the barrel to the plunger would defeat the whole purpose and the device wouldent even work.
All you gotta do is add a trigger mechanism to release the held back plunger.

Also i dunno if the diagram was clear enough, that isnt 2 diffrent springs. Its one whole spring that is slipped over the barrel and the plunger is put in before it with orings and stuff to make it air tight.

As for building it. Pretty much my time is swamped with all my classes. Im more of an idea man at the moment. If you feel you understand the drawing fully than feel free to build it.

In Topic: Titan Barrel Stabilizer

25 March 2007 - 07:58 AM

On all the bottle caps I have (basicaly on anything that has a cap) theres a little tiny lump in the center of the rubber on the other side giving you a perfect center to drill right through. Or you can just measure legnthwise, draw a line accross where you measure and rotate the cap 90 degrees draw another line (make lie a crosshair shape) and if you do that right you should have center where the lines cross.

In Topic: Building A Computer.

22 March 2007 - 01:46 PM

I am actualy using that case in my current build. Its a nice case. The front door is sturdy and wont snap off on you. The only things I dont like is that it runs a little warm and my screen that shows the temp died out a month or to after i bought it, tho that could be my fault. Good luck on building!

In Topic: Youre Computer Specs

30 September 2005 - 04:27 PM

I am also not sure if you meant 64 bit 4000+ or 32 bit. If 32 bit then barton would apply, but I am pretty sure that the rest are 64 bit exclusive.


64 bit since the current one I have now is a 64. I was just naming some diffrent processor cores that I knew the name of. I dont know what they do or what the differences are, all I know is that they exist.