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Turreted Nitefinder

24 December 2008 - 01:24 AM

I have seen other 2k turreted guns on the site but there is always an issue of a lot of dead space because of the placement of the turret post and spring. This mod could easily be adapted to many other guns but for the sake of simplicity I chose a nitefinder.

Parts: (kind of vague, sorry)
at2k turret
1/4" plastic rod (or pipe)
spring that will fit snuggly around 1/4" rod
Small washer that will fit snuggly around 1/4" rod

Start by disassembling the nitefinder and removing the lazer bits inside. Remove and take apart the entire plunger and AR.
Posted Image

Remove the AR post.
Posted Image
Posted Image

And cut out this part of the AR
Posted Image
Posted Image

Start by prying off the orange end piece shown on the left side of the photo. The spring holds the two parts of the turrets together to create a seal.
Posted Image

Remove the original barrels and center post of the turret. Now drill through the top part of the turret using a 15/64" bit. Then drill through the orange piece you removed earlier with the same bit and cut off the collar.
Posted Image
Posted Image

On the base plate of the turret there is a nub right in the middle, cut that down just enough to allow the now de-posted post piece to fit around the nub at the top of the plate. Its important to not just cut the whole nub off because you will need the surface area it will provide later in the mod.
Posted Image

Now start to reassemble the AR and plunger tube how it was before.
Posted Image Posted Image

Take the 1/4" plastic tubing or rod and cut one end to fit in the turret base plate with the NF air restricter. It will look something like this.
Posted Image

Epoxy the AR parts, turret base plate and 1/4" rod together. (make sure to sand all connecting surfaces) When the epoxy is dried assemble onto the 1/4" rod and base plate everything in this order: turret top piece, small washer, spring, and orange cap. Superglue the orange cap onto the rod making sure that the spring is putting pressure on the turret when the glue has set.
Posted Image

Epoxy assembly from the previous step onto the plunger tube. Cut the shell to fit and put it back together. Add your barrels of choice and it should look something like this.
Posted Image

I didn't do any internal mods to the nitefinder so I'm getting standard nitefinder with ARs removed ranges.

Rf 20 Bladder

29 December 2007 - 04:44 AM

I recently got a RF20 with a broken trigger and pump. The trigger won't be a problem to fix and I'm replacing the pump with a ball pump. The problem I am having is that the white cap on the bladder keeps popping off when I pump it. How do I get around this? Thanks!


Idea For Increasing Magstrike Compacity

26 June 2007 - 05:01 PM

How exactly does the magazine advancing mechanism work on the magstrike? Since the mag goes up as it's fired there must be something pushing it. Im assuming its a geared wheel or something similar. It seems that someone could make an automated breach system that opens and closes the breach timed with the air bursts. Then you could add a high compacity hopper on top, increasing the darts held and getting rid of the magazines.
How feasable is this? Could someone post or link some internal picks of the advancing mechanism with some dimentions?