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Bbb Mod Problem

14 April 2009 - 04:31 PM

Ok Im feeling kinda stupid here, I just pulled apart my bbb for what was supposed to be a quick and easy mod, now that its back together I get a weird "glurp" type noise, after that it wont shoot again untill I pull it apart, but everything inside seems to be in good condition, any one got an idea as to what i may have done?
And since I know someone is gonna ask I just pulled it apart to pull out the ar and glue in a crayola barrel.

M203 Style Grenade Launcher

10 September 2007 - 09:30 PM

Ok so my brother decided to try a new mod to his ls, now he wants to stick a grenade launcher of sorts under it.
So far we've come up with an old plunger tube from a broken ls, and the idea of using his malfucntioning magstrike for an airsuply. Right now im trying to figure out how to run the lines and such around so it goes from the magstrike pump through the air system and up to the launcher when the trigger is pulled. the expected projectile will be a cartridge filled with micros that opens up and showers opponents shortly after firing. Anybody got ideas on how to help? thanks in advance and sorry i dont have any diagrams to show, ill work on diagrams after school tommorow.

Need Longshot Help

09 September 2007 - 01:34 AM

Well the other day my pride and joy longshot with front gun integrated, nf spring and ar removals started acting up, it took a bit more force and 3 tries or so to charge it. The next day i ran into an even worse problem, the charging handle ended up staying back and the bolt was forward so I just got the motivation to crack it open and the bolt sled apparently broke on me. So now I have to ask after finding the closest problem somebody else posted was their sled broke the mount on the bolt, has anybody else had this problem and how might i go about fixing it?

Please help me!! this gun is my pride and joy and my first real mod I'd hate to see it die this horrible death. Thanks in advance.

Pump Repair Help

17 August 2007 - 01:27 AM

Most annoying thing happend to me yesterday, I picked up my 6 month old hornet that has always worked reliably untill now. I pumped and pumped and pumped yet for every pull of the trigger no foam went flying. so I opened up to find that there was a hairline fracture in the back of the pump where it conects to the air line, so I tried some teflon tape which failed miserably to stop the leaking, and then I tried reinforcing it with e-tape, still no help. so I used the only liquid selant I could think of on short notice, some lok-tite. Normaly its designed to hold screws in to something tighter, so I thought when it dried I would have a nice seal. About 10 min after I put it on I notice a crack runing down the side of the hose adapter, so I pull out some superglue to fix it only to find cracks like this over the entire pump, then the whole thing just broke off at the base of the adapter, so I'm wondering since this stuff seems to act like acid to my pump and has now destroyed it making my gun useless, can anybody give me tips on how to remedy this problem since I searched it and found nothing.

Scenario Nerf War

15 August 2007 - 01:12 AM

I'll admit that im new to the forums here but i searched this one and didnt come up with anything.
I'm really big into paintball and picked up nerfing as a form of cheap entertainment on the side and i was thinking why not try to bring one of my favorite paintball ideas over to nerf?,
I'm not sure how many of you out there play paintball avidly but there are paintball scenarios, the two most notable of which are based off of operation overlord, more commonly known as D-DAY from world war 2, these games are Oklahoma D-Day, held at a field named after the game in Oklahoma, and Invasion Of Normandy held at Skirmish USA in PA.
The question here is how feasable do we all think pulling a large scale game based on this scenario or some other large scenario (with missions worth certian point values and such) would be and if so what would the scenario be and how could it be managed fairly?